Caelynn Explained Why She Chose Dean On Bachelor In Paradise With A Mustache Joke

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Caelynn Miller-Keyes' much awaited decision with regards to Dean Unglert was finally aired on Monday's Sept. 9 Bachelor in Paradise episode. Dean returned to Bachelor in Paradise to ask Caelynn to leave the show and start a relationship with him right then. After some understandable hemming and hawing (after all, last time Caelynn saw Dean, he dumped her on her birthday), Caelynn eventually decided she liked Dean enough to want to give things a shot in the real world. And now that her decision is public, Caelynn took to Instagram to explain why she chose Dean — with some mustache humor to boot (obviously).
Dean infamously shaved his much-maligned mustache before returning for Caelynn, and she joked at the time that his clean-shaven face is what made her change her mind and decide to leave with him despite all the red flags. (Like Dean saying he'd be a bad boyfriend, living in a van, and, again, dumping her on her birthday.) But Caelynn fell for Dean with his mustache and van and all, so it wasn't all that surprising that she was into mustache-less Dean who returned because he couldn't get her out of his head. 
However, Caelynn posted to Instagram during the episode airing and joked that she wouldn't mind seeing the mustache again. "They say you don’t know a good thing till it’s gone... I think it’s time to bring the mustache back @deanie_babies," she captioned a series of screenshots from her time with Dean on the show.
While her caption was joke-y, the photos of their sweet, romantic moments on the show that she posted highlighted how Caelynn really felt about Dean — and also how she probably still feels, because who posts that loving a string of pictures about someone they're not currently still seeing? (I'd say it was a spoiler, but Dean's already been there done that with the spoilery Instagrams about probably almost definitely still being with Caelynn after the show.)
After Caelynn posted her Instagram, Dean commented on it, "i just wanted you to meet the man beneath the mustache." Now that she has, however, it seems like she's not opposed to him growing it back. And some of their fellow BiP stars agreed. "Bring it back!!" commented Haley Ferguson. "#TeamMustache," added Chris Bukowski.

The fans may not agree as much (Dean's mustache was super controversial when he first debuted it), but if he's still with Caelynn, all that matters is that Caelynn likes it. But, just know, if he grows it back, the memes about it will grow right along with it.

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