Caelynn & Hannah B's Friendship Before The Bachelor Will Break Your Heart

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Colton's Bachelor season has two former friends turned enemies competing for his heart — and it's clear that the producers are building up a showdown. Caelynn and Hannah B. knew each other before The Bachelor because they both competed in Miss USA 2018 together. But Caelynn's Instagram shows that these Bachelor stars were once really good friends, and their closeness in the past will break your heart for what's about to go down on the series.
Caelynn competed as Miss North Carolina in Miss USA 2018 and Hannah B. was Miss Alabama in the same competition. However, Hannah didn't place and Caelynn was the first-runner up, also known as second place. In a move that wasn't exactly the nicest, Caelynn told a fellow housemate in the second episode of The Bachelor that she thinks Hannah is now jealous of Caelynn's pageant success.
"We were super close, and then she wasn’t happy that I was first runner-up. She was mad that she didn’t place, for sure. There were a lot of hurt feelings,” Caelynn claimed. She added that while they roomed together at Miss USA and used to be friends, they aren't close anymore. So much for the times when Caelynn wrote social media posts about Hannah that included the word "love."
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Gosh I love them. ?

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Unfortunately, the drama doesn't end with the first stone that Caelynn threw — and it's clear the Bachelor producers are looking to milk the broken friendship for all it's worth. On the show, Hannah had a different story to tell about Caelynn and, in another not-so-nice move, accused her of being fake. “It’s just so funny because there’s not one person in the world that I have a problem with, except her," Hannah said of Caelynn in Episode 2. "It totally scares me for Colton ... she’s fake."
But alas, the "fake" accusations continued and Caelynn also accused Hannah of being fake, telling another contestant, “With Hannah, there’s a facade and then it starts to crumble … I was like,'Wow, this is a whole new Hannah.'"
It's hard to believe they went from calling each other sisters on Instagram to gossiping about one another on national TV, but then again, it's not often that people take their tense friendships into the world of reality TV.
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3/4, just missing our last sister ?

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Caelynn did seem to show some concern though, among all the apparent shade. She went on to say she thinks the environment of the show is similar to that of the pageant, and that it could once again cause Hannah to feel upset. And unfortunately, the two ladies' past isn't going to fade into the background. It's clear that the show will bring the drama to a head in Episode 3. In the preview for the upcoming episode, Hannah pledges to tell Colton "who [Caelynn] truly is."
It's never fun to see good friendships fall apart, and honestly The Bachelor doesn't need any extra chances to pit women against each other — the show already a group of women all competing for time with the same man. But as is always the case, Bachelor producers are certainly not going to miss an opportunity to exploit how Caelynn and Hannah went from pageant besties to ex-friends.
We'll just have to brace for the impending argument and prepare for there to be no winner — because no one wins when former friends fight. But maybe, just maybe, these two will be able to cut producers off at the pass and sort out their differences before the Women Tell All, where any ounce of disagreement will certainly be brought onto center stage.

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