Revian Chang Changed Her 'Do After Colton Underwood's Bachelor Season

Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC.
Colton Underwood had to send seven women home on the first night of his Bachelor season and Revian Chang was one of them.
The nurse from Santa Monica, California introduced herself to Colton in Mandarin Chinese (calling him a "stud muffin" in the language), but she didn't make a big enough impact on Colton's heart to stick around past night one. Because of that, most Bachelor Nation fans probably wouldn't recognize her if they saw her — especially since Revian's Instagram shows that her hair is a dark brown now, instead of the bleached blonde it was on the show.
Her Instagram doesn't only show off her recent change of hairstyle. It also gives fans a peek at the person Colton (and viewers) never got to meet. The Revian from Instagram has an adorable white, fluffy dog named Henry, loves to travel, and went to Coachella — not Stagecoach (at least according to what she posted on her IG at the time). She may have only been on the show for one episode, but she's already influencing away on social media with Bumble partnerships, festival appearances, and more. She captioned the below Coachella picture, "FIRST C? ACHELLA am I doing this 'influencer' thing right?"
But #SponCon isn't Revian's day job. Despite the show initially listing Revian as an esthetician, she's actually a registered nurse, according to her LinkedIn. Her LinkedIn page also says that she's been an RN since 2017 and has been working in the cosmetic dermatology field since 2015. And even though many Bachelor Nation stars leave their day jobs after appearing on the show, Revian has plans to continue her education in her field.
"I plan on focusing on my nursing career and doing some modeling in my spare time," Revian told Local Profile in February 2019. "I'm also considering going back to school to get my masters to become a nurse practitioner." She is from Texas, but moved to California not to get famous on TV, but to further her nursing career. "I was between Miami, New York, and Vegas; however, LA is the mecca for plastic surgery and beauty and I knew this would be the best career move for me," she told Local Profile.
Revian revealed to the outlet that she's worked for some high profile celebs in her time as a nurse, although she couldn't share their identities of course. "But it's so fun to interact with them in real life after seeing them on the big screens or listening to their music," she hinted. She added that she was even referred by one of her patients to The Bachelor producers, and that's how she ended up on the show in the first place.
She may not have made it far on Colton's season, but she's been hitting red carpets and doing #SponCon post-show, so she got a little boost of fame out of the experience. She said to Local Profile that she also learned a lot. "I learned to put myself out of my comfort zone more and honestly that I need to talk more loudly and clearly. I have a very soft-spoken voice and I tend to mumble which isn't the best combination for TV," she said.
Perhaps she'll head back to school for that nurse practitioner degree next, or maybe even stop by the beaches of Bachelor in Paradise first. That way she'd finally give Bachelor fans a chance to meet her properly and for more than one episode.

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