Hot Labor Day Sex Tips To End Summer 2019 With A Bang

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Labor Day: It’s the best of times (because you have an extra day off of work to have sex), it’s the worst of times (because summer is pretty much donezo). Better celebrate. One rousing way to observe the holiday is to hook up with your partner, friend, or acquaintance in a festive way. Research from the Archives of Sexual Behvior shows that Americans are most interested in having sex in the summer, as well as in the winter cuffing season. If you go by that science, you basically have one last weekend to live and lube it up before December. So get busy. 
You might be thinking: What’s sexy about a day that claims to honor workers at a time when some feel underpaid and undervalued. If that’s how you feel, and you want take out your frustration, here’s an answer: Sex. 
There are all kinds of reasons to hail or hate on Labor Day, but you might as well be orgasming while you’re doing it. To help you close out the summer with a bang, we enlisted the help of Dr. Holly Richmond, PhD, a somatic psychologist and certified sex therapist (CST). Enjoy.
Take the labor out of sex
This holiday is all about taking a break from labor. Kick off the day with positions that don’t involve a lot of work. Richmond recommends the side-lying spoon, during which your partner enters you from behind with their penis or strap-on while spooning you (you might ask for extra clitoral stimulation during this time!). Or, for a truly beachy vibe, you could try the starfish, which is basically missionary, where you lie on your back and relax with your limbs spread.
Do it outside 
Richomnd says there’s something about a public trist that turns people on — when they can get away with it. She recommends doing it outdoors since the weather’s still beautiful. If you’re traveling, try it on the balcony of your hotel or the porch of your Airbnb. If you want to do it on the beach, just remember to bring a blanket so you don’t get sand in places
You could also try a pool, hot tub, or the ocean. But Richmond warns that it can be tricky for women to stay naturally lubricated in the water, so you may want to bring along a silicone-based lube.
And don’t forget the golden rule of public sex: “Just don’t do it where you’re gonna get caught, because it’s illegal,” Richmond warns. 
Channel sexy seasonal vibes
“Figure out for yourself what’s sexy about summer for you,” Richomond says. Whether that’s your favorite sundress, an ice cold beer, a coconut flavored lotion, or a rosé cocktail, get it in while you still can. Make it part of a date. “Whether you enjoy summer tacos or peach cobbler together, it’s not just about sex,” Richmond says. “It’s about cultivating everything that’s sexy about summer.” 
And then, again, get it in while you can. 
Hate summer? Bring sweater season into the bedroom early
Maybe you hate the sweating, melting, and chafing that plague you during June, July and August. In that case, use this weekend as an excuse to leave those uncomfortable, sweltering days behind you. 
Turn up the air conditioning, light a pumpkin spice candle, and put on nothing but a sweater. Invite your partner to join you as you welcome the wonderland that is fall. “Get a sweater with a fuzzy fabric,” Richmond says. “There’s nothing sexier than wearing a sweater with no bra and a pair of panties.” 
Try a cooling lube 
While the weather is still warm enough, try a cooling lube, such as Kama Sutra Intensifying Cooling Gel, which might make you feel like your vagina just had a breath mint. If you’re feeling creative and picnics turn you on, you could also try a watermelon flavored lube
Popsicle play 
Since the weather will ostensibly still be warm enough to melt a popsicle on your partner, give it a shot. But do not put the popsicle inside of you, because the added sugar flavoring could lead to an infection, which would not be a very sweet way to spend the weekend.
Glow up 
If you’re a “summer rave” kind of person, incorporate any glow sticks left over from the 4th of July into a sex session. Turn off all the lights (and maybe play a Kygo song?) and pulse to the music. 
You’ll come back to work on Tuesday with a glow only you and your partner can explain. 

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