New D23 Disney+ Series Announcements Include A Lizzie McGuire Revival & She-Hulk

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It's almost fall, which means it's almost time for Disney's new streaming service, Disney+ to premiere on November 12. Interestingly enough though, we somehow made it all the way to August without knowing all of the new offerings from the service that's been billed as a Netflix killer.
Just in time for summer to end, Disney announced a few more of its new Disney+ series at D23 and oh boy, are some of these offerings enticing. Here's what's new:

The Lizzie McGuire Revival

Lizzie McGuire, as in the Lizzie McGuire, is officially coming back with the original creator at the helm. But don't worry, there's not going to be a new gal in Lizzie's brightly colored shoes — Disney decided that she’s so “irreplaceable” that the only person who could play her is the original Lizzie, Hilary Duff. Yes, that Hilary Duff!
"It’s good to be home," Duff told an excited crowd at D23. "Lizzie has also grown up. She’s older, she’s wiser, she has a much bigger shoe budget."
Apparently, when the show begins, Lizzie will be living in her "dream apartment" in Brooklyn, with her dream guy, and she'll be about to celebrate her 30th birthday. Along for the ride? That cartoon Lizzie fans know and love.
“She is still dealing with that 13-year-old no-holds-barred animated Lizzie, constantly in her head," specified Duff.

Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). “You will meet her in her Disney+ series and then you will see her in our films,” confirmed head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige.


“Jennifer Walters is a Hulk, she’s a lawyer, and she’s coming to the MCU,” says Fiege. This is pretty exciting, because it adds far more women in starring roles to the MCU. Bring. it. on.

Moon Knight

This name might not be familiar to everyone who loves the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he's a character that comic book fans are excited to see. He might have powers, “he might just be crazy” jokes Fiege.

Muppets Now

The series involves the Muppet crew in new shorts. They're going to be "wild and funny" and feature "new friends" (see: celebrities), but that's all the teaser would reveal. "The Muppets are getting together to do some unspecified fun things," Kermit jokes in the teaser while a Muppet lawyer tells him to keep his trap shut.

The Clone Wars Revival

The animated series is part of the Star Wars canon and it will come back, due to popular demand from hardcore Star Wars fans. “We heard from you the plea to bring this series back,” said head of Lucasfilm, Kathy Kennedy before confirming that it will debut on Disney+ in February 2020.

The Untitled Obi Wan Kenobi Series With Ewan McGregor

"Ewan, are you going to play Obi Wan Kenobi again?" asked Kathleen Kennedy, in front of a hall of fans anticipating a confirmation. "Yes," said Ewan McGregor, to a roar of applause. The rumors were true, a series about the life of Obi Wan Kenobi between the end of Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of The Sith and Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope is really happening. Unfortunately, it hasn't begun filming, but Kathleen promised the scripts have been finished. Okay, yes, but can it be here now please?

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