Demi Burnett Responds To Accusations She Pulled A Jed On BIP

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
The Bachelor In Paradise drama is once again spilling onto social media. During Tuesday night's episode, Demi Burnett revealed to Derek Peth that she had been seeing a woman back home, but that she was open to both relationships. Peth was understanding, but others took issue — specifically Tanner Tolbert, who appeared on The Bachelorette season 11 and won season 2 of Bachelor In Paradise. His wife, Jade Roper, recently gave birth to their second child. With this season of BIP coming on the heels of The Bachelorette's finale betrayal — when it was revealed winner Jed Wyatt had a girlfriend during filming — Tanner saw a similarity between the two situations. In a now-deleted tweet, he compared Burnett and Wyatt, but Burnett was not having it.
"Oh fuck off, not the same at all," she quote-Tweeted an Us Weekly article about Tanner's tweet. "Maybe I can teach you a thing or two about going down on your wife."
Tanner, however, wasn't done.
"It’s not the same thing?" he asked. "Then how did I hear about your 'plan' before filming even started?"
"There was NO PLAN," Burnett replied. "You are speaking on something you HEARD about as if it is a fact. I was 100% honest and upfront the entire time. You are a grown ass man tweeting about rumors."
However, spoilers suggest otherwise, and it appears Tolbert has read them. (Don't keep reading if you want to your BIP-watching experience to remain unspoiled.)
"Before filming even began I heard that Demi planned to leave the show engaged to this girl... I support Demi fully, but she could have proposed off the show," Tolbert wrote, referring to the rumor that BIP will bring Burnett's girlfriend on as a contestant. "I am tired of everyone talking beforehand and pre planning these relationships... whether it’s Demi, Blake, anyone..."
While filming in Paradise has wrapped, we don't officially know anything about how the journey ends. The trailer suggests that Burnett does have a relationship with a woman on the island, but there's no reason to believe there was any Jed-like scheming, especially since Burnett was up front with Peth about her situation, and Paradise is much more lawless than The Bachelorette. Let's not have this escalate to revealing-private-texts levels of messy. Blake Horstmann has that covered.

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