Why Does Hannah B. Visit Bachelor In Paradise In The Episode 5 Promo?

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There is a little surprise in store for Bachelor In Paradise episode 5, it seems. Don’t adjust your screens. You’re not in a time machine from a few weeks ago. It’s true! Hannah Brown, Bachelorette star and dumper of wannabe musicians, is interrupting her post-Bachelorette press tour for a little time on Paradise. So why is Hannah B. on Bachelor In Paradise? It’s not to find love… probably.
While it would be entertaining if Hannah, fresh off a breakup with Bachelorette winner (and loser) Jed Wyatt and I guess a whole lot of nothing with runner-up Tyler Cameron, decided to head back to Bachelor Nation in order to find love, that's not what's happening here. Those who are privy to the Bachelor In Paradise filming schedule know Hannah was probably still figuring it out with Jed when this season was in production. Which means there's another mission in her sights.
Previews for next week’s Bachelor In Paradise show everyone really excited to see Hannah B., but they also show her talking to Demi Burnett, which is the important clue here. Demi recently came out as bisexual to her family, friends (including Hannah B. in a clip on the BIP premiere), and everyone on the show (and via Twitter, the American public), and she’s been having a lot of feelings trying to figure out her, well, feelings for Derek and for her non-exclusive girlfriend at home.
Demi told Hannah B. all about this before Bachelor In Paradise started, and Hannah B. was fully supportive of her friend and whomever she opts to love. "We really fell, like, head-over-heels for each other. She has, like, the warmest energy,” Demi told Hannah in the season premiere. “Like, she never gets mad, like, she's amazing." Because Demi is having some issues deciding, as evidenced by episode 4 of Bachelor in Paradise, it would do a producer good to bring her pal Hannah on to her make that decision, no? And what might send Demi away from the beach, shortly after Hannah arrives, as we see during the promo for episode 5? Why bringing on Demi’s girlfriend.
Sure, this could be total misdirection, but the show has been laying the groundwork for this "twist" since the first promo.
Hannah could just be headed down to Paradise for a little R&R, but extended previews for Bachelor In Paradise hint that Demi’s girlfriend will be joining her down in Mexico. We see Demi kissing a woman, and there are no other openly bisexual women on the show.
The real proof in this promo pudding, of course, is that Derek, who Demi has also been dating, says, "After speaking with Demi, I'm even more confused. Like what am I supposed to feel?"
Yep, it sure sounds like Hannah is playing the role of the gal helping one of her best friends determine what will actually make her happy. And my bet is that introducing this mystery woman Demi's been dating might just do the trick.

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