When Does Demi's Girlfriend Show Up On Bachelor In Paradise?

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On Monday's Aug. 12 episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Wills Reid commented on how close Demi Burnett and Derek Peth were getting, saying, "They already seem like they're boyfriend and girlfriend basically." However, viewers know that relationship is destined to fracture at some point. That's because promos for Bachelor in Paradise hint that Demi's girlfriend shows up to win her heart at some point.
On the premiere episode, Demi told Hannah Brown about the woman she fell for before Paradise, and it makes sense that their connection would have been strong enough for them to decide to pursue it in Paradise. Whether Demi realized she wanted to be with her and asked producers if she could come or the girlfriend contacted producers because she wanted to win Demi back is not yet unclear, but what is very clear is how much Demi likes this woman. In the first episode, Demi explained their chemistry to Hannah B., saying, "We really fell, like, head-over-heels for each other. She has, like, the warmest energy. Like, she never gets mad, like, she's amazing."
That chemistry apparently continued into Paradise, because in one of the BIP promos on the Bachelor Nation YouTube channel, Demi tells the woman, "There's absolutely nothing that I don't love about you," and adds in a confessional, "She has not only changed my life but like changed me for the better."
Most of Demi and this woman's scenes seem to come from the final episodes. In one of the promos from the BiP Twitter, they're together in the Fantasy Suite. "I'm interested in a woman and it feels crazy, but it feels right," Demi says. "I can't wait to be alone with her."
In past seasons, Fantasy Suite dates usually happened in the episode before the proposal-laden finale, which would mean Demi's girlfriend wouldn't show up until one of the September episodes. However, there is reason to believe it happens sooner than that. In the YouTube promo, Derek and Demi seemingly have their breakup where he says, "After speaking with Demi, I'm even more confused. Like what am I supposed to feel?" But if he suffered any heartbreak, the promos show that he had enough time to heal before pursuing a new relationship with Tayshia Adams.
That timeline would suggest that Demi's girlfriend may come in about halfway, providing ample time for a few episodes to cover Demi struggling with who to choose, Demi and Derek's breakup, Derek rebounding to Tayshia, and Demi and her girlfriend's Fantasy Suite date. It definitely won't happen as soon as the Aug. 13 episode, though. That's definitely the kind of thing that a promo would tease, and the Aug. 12 cliffhanger promo was mostly focused on the Blake drama that's been escalating.
Demi said in the premiere episode that she came on BiP even though she'd previously connected with a woman off the show because she wanted to know "what I want and how I want to love and who I want to love." Based on the promos, it seems like won't be too much longer before she finds the answer to all of those questions.

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