Taylor Swift Got Loose At A Party & Fans Won't Calm Down About It

Photo: Jun Sato/TAS18/Getty Images.
The Lover-era Taylor Swift is upon us, and this Taylor seems a lot more ready to party with her pals and sweat out her hairstyle. Exhibit A: this video posted by Laverne Cox, in which Swift dances like she doesn’t care that the entire world is watching, to her own song, “You Need To Calm Down.”
In the video, Swift is full-on feeling herself at her MTV VMA nomination party, reported TMZ. She’s surrounded by friends including Cox and Chester Lockhart, and is wearing a sequined gown situation that looks like a rainbow disco ball. As her song plays, Swift thrashes on a small couch, before tipsily joining Cox at the camera, where she headbangs some more. “When your song comes on and you've sweat out your cute new do and it don't matter cause your song is on,” writes Cox, who is similarly entertaining as she lip-syncs the words to the song.
Swifties were delighted to see Swift letting her hair down a bit, or rather, mussing her own hair, having a few shots of Patrón, and throwing down to her own music at her own kiki. The hashtag #DrunkTaylor popped up on Twitter; the singer may not really be drunk the in video, but she’s having a lot of fun anyway. It’s a cute, refreshing change for a star who is very measured with her public appearances. Even with the frenzied dancing, Lover-era Swift still looks flawless, and she seems to be in a much happier place in her life. She needs to never stop.

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