Jacob Elordi Stole The Euphoria Finale & Fans Don't Know What To Do About It

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Euphoria season 1 finale “And Salt the Earth Behind You.”
Euphoria came to its hazy, sparkling season 1 finale on Sunday night, and while each characters' storyline got a powerful — and sometimes heartbreaking — conclusion, none affected the audience more than Nate Jacob's.
Played by Jacob Elordi, the character is one of the worst villains on TV in recent memory, but as Game Of Thrones taught us, there's always so much more to a bad guy than what we see on the surface, and fans have flocked to Twitter to commend Elordi for so movingly bringing such a complex character to life.
Nate has spent most of this season grappling not only with his sexuality, but also his father's, played by an unsettling Eric Dane and navigating the family's many secrets through blackmail and violence. He lured Jules (Hunter Schaeffer) into what she believed was a loving relationship, only to turn around and threaten her with the intimate knowledge he gained. He has repeatedly been violent with his girlfriend Maddy (Alexa Demie), and on Sunday night, things with his father, Cal, who had a sexual encounter with Jules back in episode one, finally came to a dramatic head.
The two wrestle to the floor as Nate yells slurs at his father, but as things escalate, Cal backs off when Nate starts thrashing uncontrollably, banging his head on the hardwood floor. Nate is overcome with blind rage, throwing himself all over the ground and screaming even as his dad leaves the room. This intense moments has been building up over the course of the season, and over the years and years that Nate's known about his dad's secret life. Audiences are left feeling something that's not quite sympathy, but hearts definitely hurt.
Viewers' awe for Elordi is compounded by the fact that we last saw him as the heartthrob in Netflix's The Kissing Booth, a so-bad-it's-good romcom (that's coming back for a sequel) that did not foreshadow his rise to Serious Actor.
"Jacob Elordi walking onto the set of the Kissing Booth 2 after delivering an emmy-award-winning worthy performance on Euphoria," one fan joked.
Others just heaped on the general, well-deserved praise:
While we don't know how exactly Euphoria will approach its season 2, Nate's storyline is the one that could definitely use the most follow-up. Or we can just admit we want to see more Elordi on screen.

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