The Euphoria Soundtrack Is Chaotic In The Best Way — Listen Here

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
It's no surprise that a show like Euphoria on HBO has such a killer soundtrack. The high school-centric drama experiments with taboo plot lines (at the least) and truly uncomfortable scenarios between minors (at the most), and the songs in the show are equally transfixing and unnerving.
In the premiere episode, the soundtrack bops from a Beyoncé anthem to a Megan Thee Stallion hot girl jam to Danish singer Agnes Obel's crying-alone-in-my-room dirge. There's also a track from Jamie xx and a chaotic song by $NOT called "Billy Boy" that makes me think I don't understand music anymore. The artists and the lyrics are, at times, just as intense as the subject matter. This show's soundtrack will keep you coming back for more.
Jen Malone, the show's music supervisor, said that her main source of musical inspiration for Euphoria came from her real-life friends. "I have a good network of friends that know what’s poppin', and use playlists," she told W. "I go into the rabbit holes and see what’s good." Those rabbit holes usually start on Spotify, Soundcloud, Instagram, or Twitter, which is why the vibe of the soundtrack jumps from oldies to indies to future chart-toppers to WTF is this song. The one unifying element of Euphoria's sound comes from Labrinth, a singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer out of England who provides the show's score. Malone says his contribution as a composer is the best part of the show, and after hearing that final song in episode 2, "Mount Everest," I have to say I agree.
Stream HBO's Euphoria playlist below — it will be updated weekly.

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