Jed Just Liked A Shady Comment About Hannah On Instagram

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It's safe to say Jed Wyatt has not had the best past 24 hours. It all started with an engagement that was quickly spoiled by rumors of a past girlfriend who Jed was reportedly still dating when he began his Bachelorette journey (though his account is somewhat confusing). On Tuesday night, Hannah Brown revealed that she and the Nashville musician were no longer together, and instead she's moving forward with runner-up Tyler C. This left Jed with no fiancée and a ton of comments on his social media absolutely tearing him apart. There are, however, a decent number of people coming to his defense, including some that are hardcore shading Hannah — one of which Jed liked.
"Honestly I'm not quite sure why everyone hates on Jed so hard..." one user wrote. "Hannah was sleeping with several people throughout the season and he has to deal with that in her past...just like she needs to get over his. Like come on. It's a television show I wouldn't expect to fall in love either."
And if you click the likes, you'll see that Jed agrees.
Photo: Instagram/Jed Wyatt.
Photo: Instagram/Jed Wyatt.
While the comment is true, the two situations aren't necessarily comparable. Unlike Hannah's experience with Jed, Bachelorette contestants are aware the Bachelorette is dating 30 other people. It's what they signed up for, including the things that may come with it like, yes, the Bachelorette could end up sleeping with another man. Hannah never hid that aspect from her suitors — we all saw her conversation with Luke P. — and did not lie when asked about it.
While it's definitely worth questioning whether Luke P. deserves the amount of hate he's getting (like, let's not ruin his life here), bringing Hannah's sexual history into the mix verges on slut-shaming. We got plenty of that from Luke P. already.

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