Chrissy Teigen Says Miles Is Almost Walking & Where Has The Time Gone

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Chrissy Teigen has big news to announce: Her son, Miles Stephens, is walking now. Well, sort of. The Lip Sync Battle host, who already shares daughter Luna Simone Stephens with husband John Legend, shared a video of Miles making big (or, rather, very small) moves on Twitter, and it's the cutest freakin' thing to ever happen.
Miles was born in May of 2018. In the video, Miles can be seen maneuvering from a coffee table to the couch. For a brief moment, it appears that Miles could stand on his own completely — until he collapses onto the couch, hands first. Aww!!!
Teigen isn't sure herself if these count as Miles' first steps, or if she'll have to keep her phone handy for the next time Miles makes a walking attempt.
"I think I just caught his first real steps," she wrote on Twitter. "Does this count?"
Twitter couldn't help but note that Miles looks exactly like his dad in this video. Yvette Nicole Brown summed it up succinctly: "Miles has John’s WHOLE face!"
"I don’t think John Legend looks as much like John Legend as that baby looks like John Legend," one fan replied to Teigen's tweet.
"I was thinking he is the perfect amalgamation of Chrissy and John, therefore creating the perfectly formed child," added another fan. "Like I look at him one way and he is John, I look a different way and he is Chrissy."
One fan thought that Legend may be pranking us all via technology.
"John Legend’s genes must be so strong lol i feel like this is him with the snapchat baby filter."
In an interview with Good Housekeeping back in February, Teigen revealed why she gets joy from sharing her life as a mom with the world.
"It’s all about trying to be happy with myself. Because I’m not blind: I see my body, I see the difference in shape, I see that I gained weight. But I also see with those same eyes that I have a beautiful baby boy, and this little girl that’s relentless and amazing, and I am very happy," she said. "This is a new thing that I can change within my mind, that I don’t have to be a swimsuit model anymore. I get to be a mommy, and I get to cook, and I get to meet incredible people, and I’m happy to be going through this transition."
If Teigen embracing motherhood means more cute videos of Miles, we're totally in.

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