How To Support The Charities & Organizations From Queer Eye Season 4

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In every episode of Queer Eye, the Fab Five try help the show's "hero" with their fashion, hair, home, cooking skills, and personal struggles. And while Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness, Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski, and Karamo Brown are excellent at what they do, the heroes' needs don't necessarily end after the week is over and the Fab Five leave. In fact, you can support the heroes' charities from Queer Eye season 4 if you feel inspired by any of their stories.
Queer Eye has featured community do-gooders on the show before. For example, in season 1, the finale episode featured a Georgia firefighter who asked the Fab Five to re-do the local firehouse instead of his own house. The episode also concluded with the firefighters throwing a fundraiser to support the station. And, in the second season, the first episode focused on Tammye, who was heavily involved in her church community and volunteered with sick children in her spare time. Instead of having Bobby re-do her home, she requested that he help fix up her local community center.
Season 4 took the charity work to a whole new level, though, with nearly every episode featuring a hero who was doing important work for their community. Here's how you can support those heroes' missions.
Episode 1 — Kathi Dooley, Quincy Senior High School
Van Ness' former music teacher is doing the most for her students to make sure they have a creative outlet at school. There currently isn't a way to donate directly to the school's music program, but you can donate to the Quincy Public Schools Foundation and perhaps specify in your comment that you'd like the funds to be directed to the high school music program.
If you live in the Quincy, Illinois area you can also sign up to volunteer your time or your talent to the school, where, again, you could specify that you want to help out in the music sector.
Episode 2 — Wesley Hamilton, Disabled But Not Really
After Wesley became paralyzed from a gunshot wound, he founded the non-profit Disabled But Not Really. It's dedicated to helping people with disabilities gain a positive mindset through meeting fitness-focused goals. You can donate to the charity here, or shop on Amazon with their Amazon Smile link that will give a kickback from your purchases to the foundation.
If you live in the Kansas City, Missouri area, you can also volunteer behind the scenes or as a fitness motivator.
Episode 4 — Wanda Winters, Pythons Drill Team
Wanda founded the Pythons to give Kansas City youth a creative outlet. You can support the team by donating. You can also book the team for an event through their website.
Episode 6 —Deanna Munoz, Latino Arts Festival
Deanna founded the Latino Arts Festival and is the CEO of the Latino Arts Foundation in Kansas City. She started the festival to celebrate her culture and encourage her community to be involved in the arts. You can donate to the foundation in general, the festival itself, or even sponsor the festival to support Deanna's passion.
Episode 7 — Brandonn Mixon, The Veterans Community Project
After coming home from the army, Brandonn helped found The Veterans Community Project in Kansas City. The organization is dedicated to helping veterans with housing, counseling, and more to help them readjust to civilian life. Part of Brandonn's specific area of work with the organization is building homes for returning soldiers. Think of him as the Bobby Berk of the veteran community.
You can get involved with Brandonn's mission by donating money to the project, donating food or hygiene items for the veterans, or volunteering on the home construction, administration, or events side of things.
These Queer Eye heroes are doing so much to give back to their communities. So if you feel compelled to help out, it's sure to be much appreciated.

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