Your Guide To Queer Eye Season 4, The Most Charitable Season Yet

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
It's hard to believe Queer Eye is already on its fourth season, even harder is that, this many episodes in, they're still finding ways to make us cry our eyes out. In season 4 of Queer Eye the Fab Five are once again headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, making stops throughout the state, along with excursions to that other Kansas City in Kansas and grooming guru Jonathan's hometown of Quincey, Illinois. But, this time, the Heroes in these eight new episodes, streaming today, are those giving back to their communities in big ways. Whether it's starting an arts foundation for the Latinx community or building homes for homeless veterans, these men and women are devoting so much time to others that they've forgotten about themselves. And that's where the Fab Five comes in.
They're offering some help to those who are way too charitable to ever ask for it themselves. Honestly, though, everyone needs a little trim, some well-fitted pants, and a place to Zen out after a long day. Not to mention, a pep talk from Karamo, who is serving us all the ugly cries this season.
For those who want to better prepare themselves for all the tears, this Queer Eye season 4 episode guide is here to let you know when you're gonna need that hanky. Seriously, tissues? In this climate?

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