KUWTK Just Finished But There's Already A New Tear-Filled Trailer For Season 17

PHoto: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage.
Does Kylie Cosmetics make custom tissues yet? Kourtney Kardashian needs them in this new clip. The eldest Kardashian sister is not having a very happy 40th birthday, and during a conversation with Khloé — which is held over one very large salad — admits she’s not sure if she’s thrilled with where she’s at in life.
“I do think that turning 40, it almost makes you analyze where you’re at in your life. It’s just giving me anxiety,” Kourtney says in the new clip from season 17. “Now that I’m doing Poosh, I just always wish I had more time.”
Kourtney then starts to cry, blaming the “anxiety” she feels around her birthday party. We know that this party was celebrated with a cake of a naked Kourtney about to slink into a bathtub, which evokes much different emotions from the ones Kourt is feeling in the clip.
"I have so much and I should just be so happy," Kourtney says. "I’m just living life, but then I’ll just do stupid shit to distract me from stuff that is maybe more important. I don’t know. Then half of me is like, live your life."
Khloé reminds Kourtney that the whole family just wants her to be happy.
“I think your soul is incomplete somewhere,” muses Khloé in the clip. “You’re scared.”
Could this conversation be a precursor to Kourtney leaving the series? Rumors have swirled that a Kardashian may exit the series in pursuit of other projects, and Kourtney did say that she wishes she had more time to throw into Poosh.
Alas, if Kourtney's tears lead to a realization about her reality TV future, we'll have to wait until the new season premieres this fall to find out. Check out the clip below.

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