It Really Sounds Like One Of The Kardashian Sisters Is Leaving Their Show

Photo: Heidi Gutman/NBCUniversal/Getty Images.
Anyone who has watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians these past few seasons is well-aware of the tension between Kourtney Kardashian and her sisters. Last summer, a huge conflict erupted between Kourtney and sister Kim over their different values when it comes to work and priorities, and in a recent interview with Paper, the Poosh founder more concretely stated that she'd love to one day pack her bags and leave this all behind. This was news to KUWTK producer Ryan Seacrest, who spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the rumors.
"She would?" he responded when told that Kourtney would consider leaving the show. "Well, if the cameras go away, as long as they can come back, Kourtney. You know, they can go away for a little bit, but bring 'em back so we can do another season or two."
Despite this pleading, he did acknowledge that the sisters have a hard job as reality stars.
"They lived for over a decade with cameras following [them]. I could not do it, no matter what they were paying them," he continued. "I could not do it, so I give them a lot of credit for having those cameras in their lives all the time. And I love you Kourtney. Love her."
Cracks started to show back in August when Kim called Kourtney the "least exciting to look at" after scheduling conflicted prompted an all-out war.
“I’m not here to be mistreated by my fucking bitch family,” Kourtney says at one point in an episode. “Kim saying that I’m the least interesting to look at — who even speaks like that? You don’t say things like that. You guys just have really different values than me. I choose to be a mother to my three kids. I’m not here looking for another job. I already work enough — more than I would like to.”
Which is why it's not surprising that she told Paper, "I always say I want to move away someday and just be away from it all. Sail away. No one will ever see me again."
Well, until Ryan Seacrest shows up a few months later with a whole E! camera crew in tow.

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