Composed, Graceful, Disciplined: We Cannot Wait To See The Live-Action Mulan

Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios.
Disney’s live-action remakes of their animated classics are fulfilling childhood dreams at a clip quicker than Mulan’s warrior reflexes. Aladdin is barely out of theaters, the Lion King’s July 18 release date is fast approaching, and we just learned that Halle Bailey will star as Ariel in The Little Mermaid. Now, the poster and teaser trailer for Mulan has dropped and, from the looks of it, Mulan may be Disney’s most jaw-dropping — and serious — live-action film to date.
Mulan will star Chinese-American actress Yifei Liu as Mulan, and will also include Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Gong Li, and Yoson An. It’s Disney’s first live-action film with a majority Asian cast, and one of only a handful of Hollywood films with an all-Asian and Asian-American cast.
The trailer opens with Mulan having dinner with her family. Mulan is not the most excited to hear that her marriage has been arranged. But her impending marriage awakens her feisty spirit, and she practices martial arts in secret. “Quiet, composed, graceful, disciplined,” the qualities of a good wife, become the qualities she draws on as a warrior. “It is my duty to fight,” Mulan says in a voice-over.
The cinematography is stunning. The scenery looks lush and green, filled with the vibrant colors of an ancient Chinese market — and the camera captures her leaps and sword swings with beautiful finesse. In a nod to the original Disney film, Mulan also wears her iconic red belted tunic and warrior armor.
Mulan will depart from the animated movie in two significant ways. First, in keeping with the more solemn tone of the live-action remake, the songs will be instrumental, rather than sung by the cast, reports MovieWeb. Mulan’s silly sidekick dragon Mushu, who was voiced by Eddie Murphy in the original, has also been nixed. This Mulan is all business.
Call upon your discipline and strength, because Mulan won’t be released until March 27, 2020. You can watch the trailer below.

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