Why Hannah Sent A Dear, Sweet Fan Favorite Home On The Bachelorette

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It seemed like just yesterday that Hannah B. had 30 men vying for her heart, but now she's down to just five after Connor S. was eliminated on The Bachelorette.
It was a sad goodbye for Connor, who went to Hannah's hotel room hoping to express his feelings of falling in love and ended up getting sent home instead. But why did Hannah send dear, sweet Connor home when there are other people who are, er, far more worthy of elimination? Unfortunate circumstances may be at fault.
In case you were pouring another glass of wine and missed, Connor saw the writing on the wall and pulled an eleventh hour move. Knowing that Hannah has appreciated the men being bold and honest this season, Connor went to talk to Hannah after not receiving a one-on-one date. Hannah told him she did appreciate him showing up, but ultimately it was too little too late. "Maybe if you came in like weeks ago [things would be different,]" she said.
"I knew I was feeling those feelings of love," Connor told Hannah. "I haven't felt those feelings in so long." But the more he opened up about his feelings, the more concerned Hannah's face became. You could just tell she didn't feel the same. And, rather than waste Connor's time, she decided to send him home right there. "There's nothing bad about our time together," she said, adding, "There are other relationships that I have stronger feelings with." Ultimately she told Connor she just didn't know if she could see them ending up together, and she felt more confident in other relationships heading into hometowns.
Connor was rightfully frustrated that he and Hannah didn't have more time to get to know one another. There were many cancelled cocktail parties and group dates overshadowed by Luke P.'s drama that kept Hannah from being able to focus on all the other guys and vice versa. Luke P. has been a big distraction throughout this process, and Connor S. didn't get the time he wanted in part because of that.
Ultimately, though, no amount of time can force a relationship to grow. If Hannah wasn't feeling it, it doesn't really matter what Connor was feeling. Both parties need to be on that same page to make a relationship like this work. Connor and Hannah just weren't meant to be. "I didn’t want this to be goodbye and it sucks that it is," Connor said, to which Hannah profusely apologized. They then hugged and Connor went on his way. He later said he was "heartbroken," but he may have a new opportunity to find love soon. His Instagram has all kinds of hints that he may be headed to Bachelor in Paradise for a second chance at romance.
Watching a fan favorite leave the show is never fun, but Hannah has to be true to herself and her feelings. If she didn't see a future with Connor, it was better to let him know sooner rather than later. And hopefully the Paradise rumors are true and Connor S. will have a chance to find his match in Mexico.

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