The Crazy Connection Between Big Little Lies & Marianne Williamson, The Spiritual Leader Running For President

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Soundbites from presidential candidate Marianne Williamson at Thursday night's Democratic primary debate certainly had the internet buzzing. What started as tweets about her plans to "harness love for political purposes," quickly became Twitter chains about her prior living arrangements. Namely that the best-selling author used to be roommates with the one and only Renata Klein, aka Laura Dern.
Yes, that Laura Dern. Back in the '80s, the 66-year-old presidential candidate and spiritual advisor to Oprah was the roommate of a then 17-year-old Dern.
Now, let's freeze and rewind. You're probably wondering how in the heck this matchup happened, because roommate-finding apps didn't quite exist yet. The New York Times profiled Dern in May, where the actress shared that she finished high school at the tender age of 17 and her mother, Diane Ladd, helped her attain legal emancipation, which would make it easier for her to get acting work. (Dern's father is Oscar-nominated actor Bruce Dern.)
But, there was one caveat to the whole deal, according to U.K.'s The Guardian. Dern's mother would only allow her to leave home at 17 if she lived with someone who was older and more established. Insert, Williamson, who was in her 30s at the time.
The reactions on Twitter ranged from pure shock to amusement.
Some even joked about how living with Williamson helped strengthen Dern's acting chops.
So, who do we have to talk to about Williamson making a cameo on Big Little Lies? The ladies of Monterey could undoubtedly use some healing.

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