KUWTK Reveals The Real Reason The Kardashians & Jordyn Woods Are Feuding

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“My heart is in my eyeballs,” Khloé Kardashian says at the breaking point of Sunday night’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode, “Treachery.” As E! has hyped for weeks on end, the installment begins the reality show’s true draw in season 16: a full investigation into the Tristan Thomspon-Jordyn Woods cheating scandal. By the time Khloé’s eyeball quote is said over the phone to Kim Kardashian, the levy has broken — the world knows something went down between True Thompson’s dad and Kyle Jenner’s BFF.
For the remainder of the episode, the Kardashian-Jenner sisters’ anger boils over the reported infidelity. You would expect their hostility to be directed at the simple fact that Tristian Thompson was unfaithful and a trusted family confidant was a part of the betrayal. That’s certainly part of the drama. But the real reason the feud continues to rage according to KUWTK comes down to an apology — or, rather, the lack of one.
About 10 minutes of “Treachery” is dedicated to the KarJenners processing this latest scandal. Kim and Kris Jenner agree they’re concerned about what Jordyn, someone they’ve trusted for about a decade, is actually capable of. Khloé is devastated the future she saw for herself and her daughter is officially ruined, months after she her boyfriend's first cheating commotion. Scott Disick, a reformed Kardashian boyfriend of epic disappointing proportions, comes in with words of wisdom that would have seemed impossible just a few years ago.
After all of this talking around tables, everyone can finally explain what hurts them the most about this unexpected situation. “The tone, of not ever saying sorry… I would have been on Khloé’s doorstep, bawling my eyes out, being like, ‘Fuck. I don’t know what the fuck I was doing,” Kim says. Khloé takes a while to come to this same place, saying she understands if Jordyn wants to downplay whatever happened — she is the most “calm, understanding person ever.” The problem is that she still hasn’t gotten a a single apology to her face.
“Never once has Jordyn said ‘I’m sorry,’” Koko tells Kylie and Kim. You can tell those are the only words she wants to hear. Especially since Kylie has seemingly heard an apology, and Kris definitely has. Minutes after Khloé explains her desire for a mea culpa, Kris calls to say she talked to Jordyn, who was crying and saying she was sorry. Again, Khloé says, “She just never has said, ‘I’m sorry’ to me.” Koko’s voice cracks before she explains that she has texted Jordyn directly with “love.” Her desperation to forgive Jordyn, someone she has viewed as a little sister for years, is palpable — if only she would just directly recognize what happened.
As we saw in early March, when the scandal first broke, an apology was also the Kardashian family’s main request on social media. By the time Jordyn appeared on Red Table Talk, she claimed to have tried to apologize to Khloé personally, but we’ve yet to see that on KUWTK (which the Kardashians executive produce and therefore control). But, it’s possible such a true heartfelt apology could be the key to mending fences between the Kardashians and Jordyn forever.
During Khloé, Kim, and Kylie’s heart-to-heart, Kylie leaves the door open for a reunion with Jordyn. “It’s never gonna be the same again… at least for a while,” she admits, adding, “If we decide, or I decide to keep her in my life.” As with Khloé, it seems Kylie wishes she could forgive her longtime best friend for this messy situation and simply move on.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this situation is going to get better anytime soon. The trailer for next week’s midseason finale shows Khloé yelling at someone, “My family was ruined!” It’s entirely possible Jordyn is on the other side of the line. In later snippets, we see her crying and yelling. No wonder Kylie Jenner has moved on to another public, and controversial, BFF.

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