The Spoilers For This Season Of The Bachelorette Are A Mess

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Warning: spoilers ahead for The Bachelorette.
If you're a casual watcher of The Bachelorette, then these past few weeks have been a pretty boring one. One episode was a clip show that did nothing except things we had already seen, and the next was another week with Luke P. still not getting the ousting he deserves. However, behind the scenes, a whole bunch of drama was unfolding.
More serious watchers of The Bachelorette are likely familiar with a little site called Reality Steve. It most recently sniffed out the drama with Tyler G.'s sudden exit, and it contains spoilers for everything going on in Bachelor Nation. However, the sources are secret and anonymous, and therefore hard to verify — which means that even the big spoilers can end up being spectacularly wrong and get revised by Reality Steve.
Without spoiling the show completely, let's say Reality Steve did a complete 180 on his predicted outcome (seriously, stop reading here if you don't want the show spoiled). Fans who wished to know the winner had been under the impression it was a certain fan-favorite contestant until this week's episode. Then Reality Steve dropped a bomb (click if you dare). After looking into it, Reality Steve discovered that his initial spoiler was wrong and that Hannah picked a totally different and unexpected person.
"Some fans are losing their marbles now because they were so convinced it was [REDACTED]," he wrote. "Hell, I did too for a bit. But it’s not. And frankly, there’s nothing I can say to convince you it is [ALSO REDACTED], so I’m not gonna try."
The situation is complicated by the fact that another leak happened this week that we can talk about: Jed Wyatt's apparent secret girlfriend. 26-year-old musician Haley Stevens told People she and Wyatt were dating when he went on the show, and that he was only doing the show for publicity and had plans to come back to her when it was over. He didn't, and now the question is why.
There are a few possible reasons, none of which I'll confirm in this post. Maybe Jed didn't come back to her because he ended up winning, or perhaps he fell out of love with Stevens and in love with the Bachelorette during filming. I'd say go to Reality Steve if you want the answers, but we've been burned before. If you're creator Mike Fleiss, then you're pretending everything is just fine.
But apparently all this spoiler drama is making things tense behind the scenes.
However, another Reality Steve report just claimed that things are not fine. Apparently, Hannah has ended her engagement with the original winner, and these spoilers are to blame. For the first time, we might all be going into the rest of the season on the same page — if "the same page" is all of us having no idea what's going on.

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