Luke S. Explained Why He Left The Bachelorette — Apparently, It Wasn't About Luke P.

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UPDATE: This article was originally published on June 11.
While most fans wanted Luke P. to get sent home on The Bachelorette, a different Luke was sent home instead. Actually, Luke S. decided to leave The Bachelorette of his own volition. At first, Luke S. seemed intent on still explaining his side of the story to Hannah, that he was there for the right reasons even though Luke P. said he wasn't. But Hannah seemed uninterested in the confusing argument between the Lukes and she left the room to go start the rose ceremony.
Before she could start handing out roses, Luke S. stopped her and asked to chat. He informed her that he was going to go home and apologized for "any pain" his argument with Luke P. may have caused. Then he warned Hannah. "[I] urge you to keep your eyes open," Luke S. said. "I think you know who I’m talking about." Presumably that would be Luke P., who did make it through the rose ceremony. Hannah said in a confessional that her heart still wanted Luke P. there even if her head didn't always.
After the episode aired, Luke S. spoke with Strahan and Sara, aka Good Morning America's third hour, to further explain his reasoning for leaving. As he tells it, it wasn't really about Luke P.:
"A lot of people seem to think that it stems from the Luke P situation, which it does - that was a catalyst. But I think for me, it was long, it was hard, and I tried my best to sort of communication with Hannah and figure out where her head was at. For me, being there, I felt like she didn’t trust me and that was enough for me to leave because trust is the basis of a relationship. Without trust you can’t have a relationship. When I felt like I lost that, that was when I felt I needed to leave."
Original article follows:
But Hannah's heart and head seemed totally okay with Luke S. leaving. He basically said his reason for eliminating himself is because he was tired of defending his character. He also must just not have felt strongly enough for Hannah to continue enduring Luke P. Hannah seemed defeated by the entire situation and didn't even bother trying to get Luke S. to stay. "I don’t want anybody here who doesn’t want to be here," she later explained to the rest of the men.
That makes sense. If Luke didn't want to fight to stay, why should she talk him into it? Hannah has already said that she feels strongly for Luke P., and clearly there was tension between the Lukes. With Luke S. out of the picture, perhaps Hannah was hoping things will go a little more smoothly now. (Teaser trailers indicate the opposite, but you can't blame a gal for trying.)
For his part, Luke S. seems to be doing fine post-show. He seemingly still hasn't launched that supposed tequila company, but he did get a new job in November 2018 as a fundraising consultant at Fraioli & Associates, according to his LinkedIn. He also recently traveled to Bali and Indonesia. He's also posted a fair amount about his fight with Luke P. on Instagram, including a photo of him making food in a big pot that he captioned, "Gotta stir the pot every once in a while."
So he either isn't totally over it or he's just okay with poking fun at the situation. Perhaps a bit of both.

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