Olivia Munn Opens Up About Feeling "Worthless" In A "Capsized" Relationship

In a personal new interview, Olivia Munn opened up about a relationship that hindered her career opportunities and left her feeling "worthless"
Munn appeared as a guest on the first episode of former E! host Catt Sadler's new podcast, Naked With Catt Sadler, where she got honest about a romance that destroyed her self esteem when it soured.
"[My relationship] had been in calm waters for a long time, it’s always calm waters. And then all of a sudden the boat capsized," Munn revealed on the podcast, never mentioning her partner by name. “I think a lot of women and men who are in relationships are like this, where you’re just walking on eggshells and you’re just happy anytime…you can breathe a little bit, even though you don’t realize that you have a cinder block on your chest the whole time. You’re taking in little sips of air."
Munn said that when the relationship ended, she was still in the same negative "emotional place," adding: "When you do go through something like that you do truly feel worthless."
Munn also claimed that her boyfriend asked her to turn down several big opportunities, including a job on Broadway and a film in Australia.
"It felt good and bad to put myself second and put somebody else first," Munn told Sadler.
Munn's most recent partner was Aaron Rodgers, an NFL player. She and Rodgers began dating in 2014 and announced their split in 2017. It is unclear if this is the relationship that Munn is referring to.
These days, Munn uses her voice as often as possible. In 2017, she went public with sexual harassment allegations against director Brett Ratner, telling The Los Angeles Times of her association with Ratner: "It feels as if I keep going up against the same bully at school who just won't quit. You just hope that enough people believe the truth and for enough time to pass so that you can't be connected to him anymore." In 2018, when she learned that an actor on her film Predator was a convicted sex offender, she informed the studio, and dug in her heels when she did not receive a private apology from producer Shawn Black.
Professionally, Munn clearly feels helpless no more.

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