Why Everyone Is Talking About Frankie Jonas’ 30 Seconds Of Fame

Photo: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images.
The Jonas Brothers are finally back together, and helping to herald their exciting return is a new Amazon documentary, Chasing Happiness.
The doc features never-before-seen footage of the JoBros backstage and growing up, as well as very candid conversations about the reasons for their breakup. But while this juicy doc seems to have just about everything fans could want, a lot of fans on the internet are pointing out that there's one huge piece missing — littlest brother Frankie Jonas.
The 18-year-old "Bonus Jonas," as he was adoringly referred to by fans in the Jonas Brothers' heyday, rarely appears in the documentary. His 30 seconds of fame only truly appear in the credits of the documentary, when he's filmed as a talking head and says he's The Jonas Brothers' No.1 fan. "I am their No.1 fan. I know every lyric of every song, I can recite every story of how they were made. I love their music so much."
The Jonas Brothers band are made up of 31-year-old Kevin, 29-year-old Joe, and 26-year-old Nick, who are at the very center of Chasing Happiness. But Frankie, besides his moment in the credits, only appears in the film one or two times. First, he's mentioned when Nick explains how his mother, despite just giving birth to Frankie, still drove him to New York City and back from New Jersey to be on Broadway. He then appears near the end of the film during a rooftop barbecue scene, in which he's held by his brothers and sisters-in-law for a group picture.
Understandably, the youngest Jonas is eight years younger than Nick, and therefore was too young to be significantly involved during the rise of the band. And it's hard to believe that the Jonases wouldn't have included Frankie more in the doc if he had truly wanted to. But many fans are protective of Frankie, and have expressed their support for him and his touching ode to his older brothers. Others shared their dismay at his absence during the film on Twitter using the hashtag #Justice4Frankie.
It's clear from the brief cameos that Frankie is just busy doing his own thing and keeping a low profile — chasing his own Bonus Jonas version of happiness.

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