The 8 Least Relatable Things That Happen In Kylie Jenner's "Day In The Life" Vlog

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While they may be few and far between, I for one could not be happier that Kylie Jenner is vlogging. I'm not sure how E! feels, considering just one 20-minute video from the Lip Kit creator has racked up over 6 million views in a day, making it a worthy competitor to Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It's honestly a more comprehensive portrayal of Kylie's daily life, while still featuring cameos from her famous family like sister Kendall and mother Kris. Plus, at least 30% of the clips are just Stormi running around being a toddler. What's not to love?
Perhaps this: The polished nature of Keeping Up With The Kardashians makes the expensive clothes and private jets seem normal, but there's a jarring dissonance between Kylie's laid-back, low-budget filming style and the undeniable decadence of her life. Vlogs rose to popularity out of viewers' desires to see someone's everyday life, but for Kylie that means leafing through closets of Alexander Wang and throwing expensive surprise birthday parties. It would be harrowing if it weren't extremely entertaining. Here are the eight least relatable things that happen in my new favorite vlog, "Kylie Jenner: A Day in the Life."
1. Kylie dresses Stormi in custom toddler t-shirts. As Kylie gets Stormi ready for the day, she chooses her daughter's outfit from racks of custom t-shirts, and pairs the white tee choice with baby "biker" shorts — black, because Stormi's going to the farm that day with her cousins.
2. She coordinates her outfit to her office in her at-home dressing room. Kylie clearly had someone fetch her a handful of pink outfit options and hang them up because, as she explains, her office is black and pink.
3. She has her choice of luxury cars. The same way we pick shoes — that's how Kylie picks what car to drive to work in the morning.
4. Her gigantic, empty Los Angeles office. From the glimpses we were shown, Kylie's office has a giant entryway, several conference rooms, an area filled with tables for eating, and a room for photoshoots. About six people, total, appear to be in the office at any given time.
5. Stormi's custom ball pit. In addition to all those rooms, Stormi has a bedroom in the office so she can follow Kylie to work. Inside her room is a pink ball pit that definitely was made to match the color scheme, giving a whole new meaning to baby pink.
6. Kylie doesn't press her own elevator buttons. There are a few stagnant moments when Kylie is standing in an elevator before José, who appears to be her bodyguard, leans over and presses the button for her. "I'm just so used to you handling it," she says.
7. She calls Travis Scott to see if he's home because her house is so big. As Kylie leaves to go out to dinner, she gives boyfriend Travis a call. Turns out, she had no idea if he was home or in the studio, because her house is just that big.
8. She casually gifted her friend a gigantic diamond ring. He cries, of course.
The sole relatable moment? Kris Jenner pronouncing vlog "glog."

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