Director Amy Heckerling's Daughter Responds To Chris Kattan's Allegations Of Sexual Coercion

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Former Saturday Night Live star Chris Kattan has accused producer Lorne Michaels of coercing him into having sex with Clueless director Amy Heckerling in order to keep Heckerling attached to Kattan’s 1998 film A Night At the Roxbury. Now, Heckerling’s daughter is speaking out against the allegations.
Per Page Six, Kattan detailed the alleged coercion in his new memoir, titled Baby, Don’t Hurt Me. Kattan claims that Heckerling, who was then attached to direct the Saturday Night Live sketch spin-off film A Night At the Roxbury, flirted with Kattan, who rejected her. The next day, Michaels allegedly called Kattan, angry over Kattan’s rejection of Heckerling. Michaels allegedly wanted Kattan to keep Heckerling “happy” so she would direct Roxbury. She ultimately did not direct, but did produce the film.
"Chris, I’m not saying you have to fuck her, but it wouldn’t hurt," Michaels allegedly said, per Kattan’s memoir. Twitter user Seth Simons posted a screenshot of the pages from the book.
Kattan claims that he did have sex with Heckerling, and that it was consensual, though he claims he was worried about his career had he refused.
A spokesperson for Saturday Night Live denied Kattan’s claims about Michaels to Page Six, saying, "This did not happen."
After the allegations and photos of the memoir emerged, the director’s daughter Mollie Heckerling came out on Twitter firmly denying Kattan’s account of the situation. In a lengthy Twitter post, Mollie declared that she never saw Kattan and Heckerling together during pre-production on Roxbury, as Heckerling was hard at work on the script with Steve Koren. (Heckerling is credited as a producer on the film, while Koren is credited as writer along with Will Ferrell and Kattan.)
“During the actual shoot, [my mother] and Chris became close and he would call the house EVERY NIGHT to talk to her for hours about how he felt he wasn’t getting the best sketches on SNL,” Mollie posted on Twitter.
Mollie claimed that Heckerling and Kattan did have an affair, but that it was consensual if “inappropriate” due to the “power dynamics.” Mollie states that Heckerling broke off her engagement to Bronson Pinchot to be with Kattan. Mollie also claims that Michaels did say something to Kattan about his relationship with Heckerling, after Kattan informed him that they were dating.
"'Why would you want to date her? She’s so old,’” Mollie alleges that Michaels said, before claiming that Heckerling developed an eating disorder over insecurities over her age difference with Kattan.
“Chris ultimately went and cheated on her with Elisa Donovan, who played Amber in Clueless and had a part in A Night At the Roxbury,” wrote Mollie.
She concluded with:
“I feel for Chris’ other struggles and certainly don’t want to delegitamize [sic] the importance of the #MeToo movement, but what Chris is saying sounds very libelous. I would be VERY interested in hearing what Lorne Michaels has to say about all of this.”
Kattan also claimed that his friendship with Ferrell, his co-star in the film and on Saturday Night Live, was ruined over his relationship with Heckerling. Per Page Six, Kattan's memoir claims that Ferrell told Kattan he did not want to be his friend anymore after A Night At the Roxbury wrapped. Though Ferrell allegedly did not give Kattan a reason, Kattan believed it was due to his relationship with the film's producer. Kattan claims in his memoir that Michaels informed Ferrell about the romance, despite Kattan wishing to keep it a secret.
"I didn’t know or hadn’t let myself see until that moment that although the situation with Amy hadn’t directly involved Will, my actions and dishonesty had made him feel deceived and betrayed," Kattan said.
Refinery29 has reached out to Kattan, Michaels, Ferrell, and Heckerling for comment.

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