Why The Election On The Society Was Such A Nightmare

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Netflix's teen drama The Society may feature wild parties in churches and extremely crushable soft boys, but don't get it twisted: The power struggles between the residents of New Ham are far more Game of Thrones than Gossip Girl. The teens — who were dropped off in a parallel universe sans parents by a mysterious man who may be a modern-day Pied Piper — had to form their own government to rule their new home, and not everyone agrees on who should lead.
A democratic election is issued by leader Allie (Kathryn Newton) in order to, ideally, secure her place as ruler — she's been doing a great job keeping everything in order, but knows that the fact she wasn't "chosen" by the masses means her place in the government is insecure. However, the election goes horribly awry, thanks to puppet master Campbell (Toby Wallace), and a few other wild cards. Here's exactly how everything went down.
Why Does The Election Even Happen On The Society?
Allie senses dissent during the Thanksgiving improv show, when Lexie (Grace Victoria Cox) criticizes her through her performance. Then, several people are accidentally poisoned via Elle's (Olivia DeJonge) pumpkin pie, which was intended to kill Campbell. Allie realizes that not having a properly elected leader could cause more trouble, so she declares that anyone can run for mayor of the town. Allie is hoping that she will be affirmed as leader, so the group can focus on more important things, but things don't work out that way.
Why Does Harry Run For Mayor & Not Campbell?
Campbell is basically Iago in Othello: He's a puppet master who knows how to work a system in order to get what he wants without getting his hands dirty. Campbell knows he's too loose of a cannon for anyone to trust him to run the town, but Harry (Alex Fitzalan) could win an election. Despite Harry's setbacks over the course of the season (he appears depressed and to have an addiction to drugs that Campbell provides) Campbell thinks that Harry's natural charisma and former high school popularity will make him an easy win. Campbell hopes to whisper in Harry's ear and gain control of the town — or at least knock his cousin Allie out of power.
Why Does The Guard Not Want Allie To Win The Election?
The Guard was loyal to Allie, but clearly preferred the power that she gave them than they respected her actual leadership. They don't like that Allie keeps them in check, especially after they harass Lexie during questioning. When elections are called, they nominate their quarterback Luke (Alexander MacNicoll) because they know he's well-liked and could win.
Why Does Lexie Want To Be Mayor On The Society?
Lexie always had issue with the way Allie, and her sister Cassandra (Rachel Keller), ran things. Lexie — who displays paranoid tendencies — doesn't want to work within the system that Allie helped create, which dictates when people work, sleep, and have fun. She thinks that she can do a better job leading by talking directly to people.
Who Ultimately Wins The Election On The Society & How?
The election never happens. Campbell orchestrates a plan, alongside The Guard (minus our sweet boy Grizz) to claim that Allie attempted to steal the election. Campbell threatens Lexie into going along with this plan. The idea is that, since Allie tried to win by cheating, Lexie and Harry should lead the town as co-mayors. Allie and her closest allies are taken away as Lexie and Harry declare their new leadership.
Why Does Allie Smile At The End Of The Society?
As Allie is taken away, possibly to her death, she smiles. In an interview with Refinery29, Newton explained why her character had that reaction to a very scary situation.
"She has learned the rules of power really quickly, and one of them is not to reveal what you know. She is going to let someone fail."
Lexie and Harry may have stolen the election, but don't count Allie out just yet.

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