The Society Has A Seriously Massive Cast — Here's Who's Who

Photo: Courtesy of NEtflix.
Are you looking for a YA thriller with a sprawling cast set in a charming New England Town that’s got murder, mayhem, and a kid mayor? Answering yes to any of those things means you should check out Netflix’s latest original series, The Society. It revolves around a group of teeangers who — via mysterious ways — find themselves completely alone in their hometown without anyone else, or any adults, around to look after them. The group has to quickly learn to work together as a community or else they’ll descend into chaos on their own.
The Society has a huge cast, and while it's an ensemble show, with everyone getting their fair share of screen-time and storylines, there honestly just might be too many interweaving characters on the show. Not to mention, some residents of New Ham could definitely use a few more things to do. Making things even more difficult, a lot of the kids in New Ham look exactly the same, and the show is definitely starved for diversity (it’s supposed to take place in an upper-middle-class Connecticut town... but still.). If you’re trying to figure out who’s who in the cast, and where you know them from, we’ve got you covered. But know there are some spoilers ahead for The Society season 1.

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