The Society Has A Seriously Massive Cast — Here's Who's Who

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Are you looking for a YA thriller with a sprawling cast set in a charming New England Town that’s got murder, mayhem, and a kid mayor? Answering yes to any of those things means you should check out Netflix’s latest original series, The Society. It revolves around a group of teeangers who — via mysterious ways — find themselves completely alone in their hometown without anyone else, or any adults, around to look after them. The group has to quickly learn to work together as a community or else they’ll descend into chaos on their own.
The Society has a huge cast, and while it's an ensemble show, with everyone getting their fair share of screen-time and storylines, there honestly just might be too many interweaving characters on the show. Not to mention, some residents of New Ham could definitely use a few more things to do. Making things even more difficult, a lot of the kids in New Ham look exactly the same, and the show is definitely starved for diversity (it’s supposed to take place in an upper-middle-class Connecticut town... but still.). If you’re trying to figure out who’s who in the cast, and where you know them from, we’ve got you covered. But know there are some spoilers ahead for The Society season 1.
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Gideon Adlon (Becca)

Early on in season 1, Becca learns she’s pregnant and is at first reluctant to reveal the identity of the father. She eventually gives birth during the season finale.

Gideon is the Pamela Adlon’s daughter. She’s appeared in an episode of her mom’s Better Things, and also had a recurring role in American Crime Story. But, she might be best known for 2018’s comedy Blockers, in which she played Sam.
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Sean Berdy (Sam)

Sam is deaf but explains to people he can read lips so sign language isn’t always needed in scenes with him. He’s got a strong relationship with Becca, and a horrible relationship with his brother, Campbell.

Berdy is deaf in real life, so his use of ASL in The Society — and the fact that many other characters on the show use it to communicate with him — is a huge step for inclusivity. Berdy starred in five seasons of Switched at Birth, playing Emmett.
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Natasha Liu Bordizzo (Helena)

You’re constantly wondering if Helena is a friend or a foe, but she ends up siding with Allie...most of the time. The other times she’s siding with her boyfriend, Luke. She and Luke are super in love, but also Helena is super religious and doesn’t want to have sex.

Bordizzo played Deng Yan in The Greatest Showman, and also appeared in Netflix’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny.
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Jacques Colimon (Will)

Will is like Allie’s second in command, but he also has a fling with Kelly. But then goes back to Allie. Will’s not actually from West Ham and leaves in a nearby town.

Colimon has appeared in a dozen different shorts over the years, and just recently was a voice in UglyDolls playing Sporko. He was originally cast as Andrew on Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists but was unfortunately recast before the show was picked up.
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Grace Victoria Cox (Lexi)

Lexie is the mean girl of New Ham, and also later the series villain. She 100% opposes everything Allie is doing, and I’m so sorry Lexie, but also kinda takes on a Donald Trump vibe as she rises to power.

This is not the first time Cox has appeared on a series about people being completely cut off from other societies. She appeared on Under the Dome for three seasons, playing Melanie Cross. She also played Veronica Sawyer in the doomed Heathers TV series.
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Olivia DeJonge (Elle)

Poor Elle. She is one of the outcasts of New Ham, and eventually finds comfort with Campbell since she believes the two of them are one in the same. However, Campbell is a psychopath, abuses Elle, and she at one point tries to kill him to escape their relationship. Allie protects her, but then Campbell “rescues” her, but we’re led to believe Elle is still aligned with Allie.

DeJonge is an Australian actress and snagged a nomination for the Saturn Awards Best Performance by a Younger Actor in 2015’s The Visit.
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Alex Fitzalan (Harry)

Harry is your typical spoiled rich boy and has a relationship with Kelly. He eventually decides to run for mayor and it does not go well. He clearly has no hard loyalties as he’s only looking out for himself.

This is his first major television role, and also appeared in 2018’s Slender Man.
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Kristine Froseth (Kelly)

Kelly might be the unsung hero of season 1 of The Society. She is everywhere, doing everything. She discovers that the bus driver might be the reason for their disappearance, and then like 20 minutes later helps Becca give birth.

Froseth is definitely an up and coming star. She appeared in Sierra Burgess is a Loser as Veronica, and will also play Alaska Young in Hulu’s Looking for Alaska.
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José Julián (Gordie)

Gordie has a huge crush on Cassandra that is not reciprocated. He’s a huge science nerd and starts trying to figure out where and why the town is where it is.

You might recognize Julian from Shameless, where he’s been playing Joaquin for the last few seasons.
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Rachel Keller (Cassandra)

The so-called leader of the group, and is set to head off to Yale soon. But. she is...

... [spoiler spoiler spoiler]...

...murdered by Dewey.

Has had roles in two cult-like shows, starring as Simone Gerhardt in the second season of Fargo, and as Syd in the past three seasons of Legion.
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Kathryn Newton (Allie)

Though she doesn’t necessarily want it, Allie is the leader in New Ham. She has friends, enemies, and is arrested at the end of season 1.

You have definitely seen Newton before, whether it was playing Abigail Carlson in Big Little Lies, and also Julie in Blockers, along with a recurring role on Supernatural as Claire Novak along with Halt and Catch Fire playing Joanie Clark. Newton also stars as Lucy Stevens in Pokémon Detective Pikachu.
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Salena Quershi (Bean)

Bean is another character that needs way more development, as she really pops in and out of the background of just about everything. She’s one of the explorers who goes off to find more land.

Quershi has appeared on Madam Secretary as Piper Boroumand, and has also made her way to Broadway appearing Second Stage's Superhero.
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Toby Wallace (Campbell)

Campbell is a psychopath, plain and simple. He’s Sam’s brother (the two do not have a good relationship), and also dating Elle (they also do not have a great relationship). He stages a coup and takes control of the town with Harry and Lexie’s help.

Wallace has been a staple on Australian television for some time, appearing in Neighbours and Romper Stomper. He’s clearly about to become a household name for tweens in America with his role in The Society.
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Jack Mulhern (Grizz)

Out of all the members of the Guard, Grizz has the floppiest hair. He is emotionally distraught after shooting Dewey, and later comes out as gay and starts a relationship with Sam.

The Society is Mulhern’s first role!
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Alex MacNicoll (Luke)

Luke is super in love with Helena and proposes to her. He’s also got a drug problem and this later drives a huge divide between him and Helena, even though she basically forgives him and switches from Allie’s side to his side, which is aligned with Harry/Lexie/Campbell.

MacNicoll played Colton in Transparent for three seasons, and Peter Standall in 13 Reasons Why. He also played 17 Year Old Dick Cheney in Vice.
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