David Tennant & Georgia Moffett's Relationship Is Also Doctor Who History

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The friendship between Good Omens' demon Crowley (David Tennant) and angel Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) is so sweet to watch, you might wind up wishing to fast forward through all that apocalypse stuff that's supposedly the center of the Amazon series. It's certainly the first role of Tennant's in a while that depicts a healthy relationship, which might inspire you to wonder about the Tennant's real-life romance with wife Georgia Moffett.
If you know Tennant mostly as Jennifer Garner's nerdy, enabling husband on Camping, or as the manipulative psycho Kilgrave from Jessica Jones, it's a bit hard to picture him as the ideal husband. But we Doctor Who fans still look at him with hearts in our eyes, and we can totally see why Moffett's about to have their fifth (!) kid, as the proud papa just announced on The Late Late Show last week.
Moffett herself, who also goes by Georgia Tennant, is also basically sci-fi TV royalty. Her father, Peter Davison, was the fifth Doctor on the original Doctor Who from 1981-1984. Her mother, Sandra Dickinson, played Trillian in the TV version of A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Moffett first made her name in a very different genre, though, playing the troubled daughter of a detective on the long-running, soapy ITV police drama The Bill. (Soapy might be an understatement: She was a teenage runaway, got kidnapped by her mom's boyfriend, and then had a baby with her kidnapper.)
Then Moffett landed a guest-starring role that was quite on the nose: the titular character in "The Doctor's Daughter," an episode from Doctor Who season 4. And yes, Tennant was playing her father, technically, but it's a lot less gross than you think. "Jenny" was conceived in a cloning machine and fully grown up in a day, so it's not like Tennant was playing her daddy dearest or anything. Still, she did grow up as the real daughter of a Doctor, so there is something a little Freudian about the their relationship, at least from an outsider's perspective.
The press got wind of Tennant and Moffett's relationship pretty quickly in 2008, but in general, the couple are pretty private. She already had a son, Ty, born when she was still a teen in 2002, but when she gave birth to her second child, daughter Olive, in 2011, Tennant adopted Ty. The new parents then got married on January 1, 2012. Their family continued to grow with son Wilfred (born in 2013) and daughter Doris (born 2015).
Moffett has had several roles on other British TV shows, and starred in the short-lived sitcom White Van Man. Still, Doctor Who has remained a part of her professional life. Even though Jenny was in just one episode, the character's fate was left so open-ended that it certainly seemed like she'd be back. Showrunner Steven Moffatt has said that Jenny died off-screen, but then she was revived for the 2018 radio show Jenny — The Doctor's Daughter, starring Moffett. In 2009, she also voiced the character Cassie Rice in the animated series Doctor Who: Dreamland.
As if being working actor and mother of five weren't enough, Moffett has also become a producer, most recently on the 2017 movie You, Me & Him, in which Tennant also stars.
It also looks like Moffett and Tennant have already launched a third generation of actors. Ty (now 17) is studying acting at his maternal grandmother's drama school, and both he and sister Olive appeared on the spoof show The Five(ish) Doctors. If Whovians had their way, this would probably go on in perpetuity.

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