Exclusive: Watch The Killing Eve Finale's Terrifying Cold Open Right Here

Photo: Courtesy of BBC America.
Well, it’s all been leading to this, Killing Eve fans: the season 2 finale. If you had asked anyone to guess how this season would go, it’s doubtful they would have said, “In Rome with Eve and Villanelle working side by side to bring down a creepy tech billionaire bent on disseminating a weapon made of your most embarrassing internet searches.” Yet, that’s exactly where season finale “You’re Mine,” premiering Sunday, May 26, on BBC America and AMC, starts off.
And, it’s only going to get worse. Like, pathological stalker worse. We should know, since we’re exclusively debuting the upcoming season-ender's chilling cold open below.
As fans who watched Sunday night’s “Wide Awake” saw, Villanelle (Jodie Comer) is currently trapped in the all-seeing, all-controlling luxe Italian apartment of Aaron Peel (Henry Lloyd-Hughes). Aaron is the kind of totally chill guy who never eats, stares at women while they consume all the food he isn’t eating, and treats them like his own personal paper dolls (all while observing their every move from his unsettlingly stark surveillance room, of course). Eve (Sandra Oh) is only able to listen into Villanelle’s increasingly stressful down-the-rabbit hole adventure from her own MI6-approved surveillance corner.
Though "Wide Awake" features Aaron and Villanelle commiserating on their respective internal voids in, the first minute-and-a-half of “You’re Mine” proves TV’s best assassin is dealing with a darkness far more powerful than Aaron’s innocuous nerd glasses suggest. Villanelle apparently isn’t the first woman — or, person for that matter — Aaron has kept before. The enigmatic businessman is holding a cache of videos on Villanelle’s under cover persona Billie, along with footage of people named Matilda and Fred, just to name a few.
We get to see a video from Matlida’s file, but it only leaves us with more questions. Who is Matilda? Is Villanelle/Billie sleeping in her bed? Where is she now? Is she alive? Press play on the video below to take in Villanelle’s scary situation for yourself. Then wonder how someone as unpredictable as Villanelle will react to this huge revelation. We’re willing to bet it's not great, Bob.
The Killing Eve season 2 finale airs Sunday, May 26 on BBC America and AMC. Tweet your reactions using the hashtag #killingeve.

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