Does Meghan Markle Have A Stylist? Does The Queen Like Her? Gayle King’s Special Has Answers

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We feel like we’re in good company when we say that we’re not alone in our borderline obsessive love of the royal family. If there’s news about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, we want to know about it. We’re feeling the “Meghan Effect,” a phenomenon discussed in the recent CBS special Meghan and Harry Plus One.
The television special reflects on the royal couple’s first year and marriage and the recent birth of their son, Archie. Host Gayle King sits down with a few of Meghan’s friends, including her makeup artist Daniel Martin, to talk about everything from the couple’s wedding day and their assignment to visit Commonwealth leaders to Meghan’s baby shower and whether she has a stylist.
What We All Want To Know: Does Meghan Have A Stylist?
Okay, the question we’ve all been wondering. Meghan busts out look after look and we’re here scrolling and taking notes wondering how one person can have so much style. Surely, she has a stylist we think to ourselves. Being that fashionable has to be a full-time job. Turns out, Meghan is just that stylish.
“She’s always had such an innate sense of her own style,” Martin told King before saying Meghan doesn’t have a stylist. “Everything she wears, she picks herself.”
Is The Criticism Of Her By The Media A Rite Of Passage?
Meghan’s every move has been observed and commented on by the press. It seems as though every tabloid has something to say about how she’s settling in royal life, her relationships with the other royals, her family, her background. Name something about Meghan and the tabloids have found some way to negatively comment on it. The special drew comparisons between Meghan’s reception by the press and it’s response to Princess Diana as well as Kate Middleton. Seward described it as a rite of passage. “That’s the frustrating thing. You hear these stories and there’s no truth to them,” said Martin.
How Meghan Heard About Her Nod From Beyoncé
Despite reaching and unfair criticism from tabloids, Meghan has her loyal fans, who have dubbed themselves the “Meyhive,” a nod to Beyoncé’s fanbase, the “Beyhive.” In fact, Beyoncé is believed to be a fan of the new royal herself. While she and Jay Z filmed a thank you video accepting the BRIT Award for Best International Duo, they stood in front of a portrait of Meghan. “In honor of Black History Month, we bow down to one of our Melanated Monas. Congrats on your pregnancy! We wish you so much joy,” said Beyoncé.
Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Commonwealth Appointment
Shortly after getting married, Harry and Meghan embarked on a tour of several Commonwealth nations. In January, it was announced that Meghan would be taking on a new role supporting and promoting the Association of Commonwealth Universities. With Harry taking on the responsibility of Commonwealth Youth Ambassador last year, the couple are primed to take on a hands-on role in the royal family’s work with the Commonwealth. Queen Elizabeth II has devoted a lot of time to the collection of 53 nations herself over her decades-long reign.
What The Queen Thinks Of Meghan
Despite what tabloids may suggest about Meghan not fitting in with the royal family, she seems to be getting along quite well. “I think that Meghan does have a nice relationship with the Queen.” The editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, Ingrid Seward, told King, “The Queen would be amused by Meghan. She’s bright and funny.”
What Really Happened At Her Baby Shower
Gathering at the Mark Hotel in New York City, a small group of friends threw Meghan a baby shower. According to King, who attended the shower herself, guests created floral arrangements which were donated to children’s hospitals with the help of Repeat Roses. But of course, even the best of intentions can be spun to look differently. Instead of a relatively small gathering of Meghan’s friends, it was described as “over the top” and “very much an American thing” by tabloids. Press saw it as a Marie Antoinette moment of a new royal surrounded by celebrity friends.
Thank Goodness, Meghan Doesn’t Read Her Own Press
“She doesn’t read the bad or the good,” says Meghan’s friend Janina Gavankar, “Because she knows the metrics you have for your own life cannot be based on a headline that somebody else wrote.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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