SNL Gave Fairy Tales A Harsh Dose Of Reality By Skewering Beauty & The Beast

Photo: Courtesy of Will Heath/NBC.
It’s a tale as old as time: a woman falls in love with a man who appears to be willing to change, only to learn once a douchebag, always a douchebag.
This Saturday, Saturday Night Live with first-time host Emma Thompson aired a sketch entitled “Beauty and the Beast” that entails a skewering of dudebro gym rats in the form of Beck Bennett as the Beast. And he’s revealed to be the douchebag he truly always has been (see also: listening to 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop” while he works out, holding his gym equipment hostage in the basement for 10 years, and talking about his juicy thigh meat). He’s exposed by new magical gym equipment in front of a shocked and disappointed Belle (Cecily Strong).
“God, I can’t believe I fell for my kidnapper again,” laments Belle. Luckily it’s 2019 and we’ve moved beyond thinking this story is a fairy-tale romance and seeing it for what it is: toxic.
What’s new, however, is this time the Beast has a side piece. Hard to blame a man who wants Emma Thompson as a side piece, though — right? Thompson reprises her role from the Disney film as the matriarchal teapot.
When asked about his sexual adventures with Mrs. Potts, the Beast explains that he was seduced by her “sexy accent.” So basic.
Comedy is nothing new to Thompson, who once had her own sketch show in the 1980s and began her early acting career as a member of Cambridge’s sketch comedy troupe, “Footlights.” Although most audiences may think of Thompson as a period piece regular, she is set to get back to her comedic roots with the upcoming premiere of Late Night. The film stars Thompson alongside comedy queen Mindy Kaling, and is due for release on June 7.

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