Jon Might Actually Kill Dany On Game Of Thrones — Especially After That King's Landing Move

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UPDATE: This story was originally published on May 10.
With only one episode remaining in the entire franchise, things are getting pretty apocalyptic on Game of Thrones, mostly thanks to Dany who became the Mad Queen in the fifth episode of season 8.
Many knew that Dany (Emilia Clarke) was quickly reaching Mad Queen-status, which was one possible way to bring lead to her and Jon (Kit Harington) to blows. Plus, the question of whether or not Jon will kill Daenerys on Game of Thrones has existed for quite some time. Now, after Dany went rogue and used her dragon to eviscerate King's Landing, scorching men, women, and children without a care (seriously, she could have torched Jon for all we know). The last we saw of the righteous, do-gooder Jon Snow, he was stabbing one of Dany's men in order to keep him from torturing and murdering an innocent woman. If Jon was willing to turn his back on the romantic part of their relationship because of this thing called "It's creepy to sleep with your aunt," I can't imagine he'd have trouble — after this senseless destruction — giving up that bent knee of his.
Of course, turning against Dany doesn't mean he's capable of killing her. Arya seems like a much better candidate to take down Dany. But, there is one factor that tilt the odds towards Jon: If Arya isn't Azor Ahai, Jon still might be — and part of that prophecy includes the Prince Who Was Promised killing the person they love. And it's possible this episode was the push Jon needed.
Just some food for thought.
Original article follows:
With two of Dany's dragons dead, the loss of her two closest advisors, and a good portion of her army killed in the Battle of Winterfell, Dany may have finally reached her breaking point. But would Jon really be the one to take her down? She may be the woman he loves, but it’s hard to imagine him standing aside and allowing her to take her wrath and anger out on the innocent people of King’s Landing, all in the name of taking back what she believes is rightfully hers. Jon wants to support her claim throne, but he’s far too noble to accept mass genocide as a solution, which could force him to take action against Dany, regardless of the fact that they’re romantically involved (and also, you know, related).
But just in case that alone isn’t enough to convince you that a Jon and Dany showdown has been a long time coming, let’s break down some key factors that suggest we’re heading in that direction.

Dany's Season 2 Vision Could Have Been About Jon

Back in season 2, Dany went to go retrieve her stolen baby dragons from the House of the Undying, but before she could reach them, she went on a vision quest, of sorts. One of these visions include Dany at the Iron Throne in King’s Landing, which was not only deserted but completely destroyed and covered in what looks like snow. Originally, many of us took that to indicate the Night King’s looming threat, but he never actually made it to King’s Landing thanks to Arya “Not Today” Stark (Maisie Williams). So what other person out there with a liking for snow could come between Dany and the throne? How about the guy who’s carried the last name Snow since birth. Maybe winter has been coming for Dany all along.
Additionally, Dany attempted to touch the throne in that same vision before getting interrupted, which may represent that her decision to help Jon (which delayed her initial plans upon returning to Westeros) will ultimately cost her the throne.

The Vision May Mean Dany's Dragons Destroy Kings Landing

Another interesting detail from Dany’s vision showed that the reason the throne room was covered in snow was due to the fact that the ceiling was completely destroyed. Only a major attack from above (like maybe something flying out of the sky) could do that much damage, indicating that Dany does, in fact, go full Mad Queen and unleash dragonfire upon the city, forcing Jon to step in and intervene. (What’s one thing that can put out fire? Snow. Jon Snow.)

The Return Of Khal Drogo Could Mean Dany Will Die

OK, so there are a lot of clues that can be found in Dany vision, including the part where she came face-to-face with her deceased husband Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa), who was holding their unborn son. This served as the final part of the vision and could represent where Dany eventually ends up: heaven. She chose not to stay there because she had unfinished business to attend to on Earth, but that doesn’t mean it won’t end up being her ultimate destination by the time the series is over.

Dany, Jon, & The Azor Ahai Prophecy

For some time now, fans have been trying to predict who this mysterious savior of Westeros could be and since one part of the prophecy involves the Prince That Was Promised needing to kill the woman he loves in order to save the world, Jon feels like the perfect candidate. He already had one love in his life die in his arms (Rose Leslie's Ygritte), so just imagine how difficult it would be for him if it happened again — and this time by his own hand. Jon would never want to kill Dany, but if it meant saving everyone, then yeah. It's not hard to imagine him doing it for the greater good.
All of these clues separately may not seem like that big of a deal, but when you put them all together it could very well spell Daenerys’ doom at the hand of the man she loves.

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