That "Green Eyes" Theory About Arya Killing Dany On GOT May Hold Water, After Episode 5

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UPDATE: This story was originally published on May 10, 2019.
Ever since Melisandre's prophecy about Arya shutting eyes forever was highlighted during Game of Thrones season eight, episode three, fans have been focused on just whose eyes were left for Arya to shut (aka kill). She previously killed Walder Frey and then The Night King who checked the brown and blue eyes from Melisandre's list. With "green eyes" left, many viewers thought Arya would kill Cersei, who notably has green eyes. But now that Cersei seems to have died in Jaime's arms in the ruins of her falling city, Arya may prove another fan theory correct. Arya could kill Daenerys.
There's some debate over whether Daenerys has green eyes or blue, but they both are covered by Melisandre's prophecy. Initially, many fans believed that Arya would not stray from her plan to kill Cersei, but that all changed when Dany and her dragon began to burn the city down. Arya abandoned her mission and fled to survive. Along the way she was confronted with the horrific reality of what Dany had done to the city. Women and children and innocent citizens were being burned alive while the wreckage of buildings rained down on them.
At the end of the episode, Arya seemed particularly distraught by seeing the charred remains of a child and mother clutching each other. She escaped the city, but a fury and horror in her eyes seemed to convey one thing. Plus there's that whole Arya and the Pale Mare business to consider. No matter what color eyes Dany has, Arya is likely coming for her to end this type of suffering once and for all.
Original article follows:
There are only two episodes of Game of Thrones left, and fan theorizing is reaching a high as viewers try to guess what will happen next. A major theory arose out of the fourth episode that claims that Arya will kill Daenerys on Game of Thrones. The basis for the theory comes from Melisandre's prophecy that Arya would shut many eyes forever, including brown ones, blue ones, and green ones. Walder Frey and the Night King check off the first two boxes, but who has green eyes?
Initially fans speculated that the green eyes could belong to Cersei, who has been on Arya's kill list for many seasons now. But the ending of episode four featured a close up on a furious Daenerys that indicated to some fans that she could be the owner of the green eyes. @KassidyKeech tweeted following the episode that she noticed Dany's seemingly green eyes for the first time. "Just now realizing dany has green eyes....what if these are the eyes Arya will shut, not Cersei," she theorized. Her tweet now has thousands of likes and retweets. On Twitter, @Kerri_May added that the close ups on Dany were likely intentional in that case, to remind fans of her eyes.
This theory has been picking up steam on Reddit as well. Most of the theories speculate that Dany is becoming the Mad Queen and Arya will change targets (from Cersei to Dany) to stop Dany's potential destruction of King's Landing's citizens. However, unlike Jon Snow, Arya hasn't always had the same moral code when it comes to the loss of life. She may not care as much about King's Landing's citizens as this theory suggests.
Reddit user aviinx has a different take on the theory, though, that suggests Arya will attempt to kill Dany and turn Jon against the Dragon Queen. The user theorized that Arya knows Jon would be better suited for the throne, and that she's concerned her brother is too close to Dany to ever see that or to see that Dany could potentially want Jon gone to strengthen her claim. So aviinx thinks Arya is going to stage a fight with Dany that leads to Arya's death in front of Jon. If Dany kills his sister, perhaps Jon will have no choice but to kill Dany, and sacrificing his love will fulfill the Azor Ahai prophecy for him.
That makes more sense with regards to Arya's character and the fact that she said she didn't ever plan to come back from the mission she's currently on. However, the mission she's on seems to be the one she's been on this whole time: She just wants to kill Cersei. It's not in Arya's nature to get sidetracked by other quests. She has two names on her kill list and it's Cersei and Cersei's bodyguard. They're both in King's Landing, and that's where Arya was headed in episode 4. As far as Arya knows, Dany was last headed to Dragonstone. If Arya was going to kill Dany, she wouldn't be heading to King's Landing.
Additionally, Arya may not trust Dany, but she also doesn't seem to want her dead. Arya even told Jon in the fourth episode that she respected that he bent the knee to Dany in order to get her support in the White Walker war. "We needed her. We needed her army, her dragons. You did the right thing," Arya told Jon, much to Sansa's disgust.
As far as the eyes theory, it's actually not that accurate. In the books Dany has purple eyes, and, in real life, actor Emilia Clarke's eyes seem almost shockingly blue. Arya may very well shut green eyes forever, but they'll likely belong to Cersei, someone Arya's long wanted to kill and finally has the chance to do so.

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