Why You Should Really Remember Katie Morton From Colton's Bachelor Season

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It seems like Colton’s season of The Bachelor just ended last week, but somehow it is already time Hannah Brown to make her debut as the leading lady on The Bachelorette. With 30 guys vying for her attention, it will be difficult for Hannah to determine who is there for the right reasons, so she has enlisted the help of her two closest friends from Colton’s season, Demi Burnett and Katie Morton, to act as Hannah's “angels” and be her eyes and ears in the mansion during the chaotic night one arrivals.
If you are a member of Bachelor Nation, you most likely remember Demi and her remarkably memorable one-liners. But, you should also remember Katie and the drama she ended up causing last season. Here’s a refresher of what Katie did on The Bachelor and why she could be Bachelor in Paradise material.

What Happened Between Colton & Katie

Katie and Colton had chemistry immediately on the first night, which wasn’t a surprise since they briefly met ahead of the season during a segment on Ellen. She was one of the few lucky ladies who landed a kiss night one with Underwood. Colton and Katie weren’t given a huge amount of screentime each week, but viewers did get to see glimpses of their budding romance and flirty banter.
In Vietnam, the romantic flames between the two burned out and Colton sent her home.

What Katie Said About Caelynn & Cassie

Before she departed, Katie became one of three women to warn Colton that some of the contestants left were not ready for marriage. She set off a bomb that would have the contestants and Bachelor Nation talking about her words (and their targets, Cassie and Caelynn) long after she left.
After Katie’s departure, the women began to speculate who she was referring to and drama ensued. Seriously, Colton and the remaining women mentioned Katie’s name more than they ever had when she was still on the show! The she said-she said between Caelynn Miller-Keyes and the other girls could only be cleared up by Katie’s appearance at the Women Tell All.

How Hannah & Katie Became Friends

Although clear answers weren’t given, our Bachelorette Hannah sided with Katie’s retelling of questionable conversations regarding who would be the next Bachelorette. It was the first time viewers saw just how close Katie and Hannah were on the show and their continued friendship after filming ended. But Katie seems to be friends with most of Colton's cast.
Katie has posted multiple Instagrams of her hanging out with Demi and fellow Bachelor contestant Hannah G. Katie also posted her support of Hannah, meaning she's actually a pretty great choice to look out for the Bachelorette.

Katie For Bachelor In Paradise, Please!

Her active social media presence since the show has ended and her close relationships with some of the women on Colton’s season make her a great prospect for Bachelor in Paradise. Plus, she was invited back to the mansion with Demi, who is most likely a Bachelor in Paradise cast member, so she has to still be on the producers’ radar.
Hopefully Katie can provide some great insight for Hannah after limo arrivals. Maybe she and Demi can weed out the men who aren’t “there for the right reasons” early on. A season without any toxic masculinity would be great.

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