Mercury Is Entering Taurus, So Open Your DMs

Photo: Getty Images.
Mercury enters Taurus on Monday, May 6 — and it’s time to prepare your DMs. In astrology, Mercury rules communication, which is why Mercury retrograde has a reputation for sending our lives into chaos. But on the plus side, when Mercury enters sensual Taurus, we might have some sexy messages in store for us.
“When master communicator Mercury is transiting earthy Taurus, we can expect sensual and poetic declarations to flourish our inboxes,” explains astrologer Lisa Stardust.
Of course, there is a catch. “The caveat to this transit is that Mercury (who loves to be flexible) takes on a stubborn vibe that might cause us to take strong standpoints on all matters. This can mean not seeing another view, or being too caught up in one’s own drama that there’s a mental block around thinking outside the box,” Stardust says. “Mercury in Taurus likes to take time making decisions but is inflexible upon making up their minds.”
For further understanding, we can look to the Tarot. “The Five of Pentacles is the Tarot Card associated with Mercury in Taurus,” Stardust explains. In the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck, the card shows two people — one on crutches — walking through the snow and wind outside a church. “The two people are so focused on their current struggles. They are unable to notice that help is right there next to them,” Stardust says. “The same rings true during this transit. We will all only see what’s in our peripheral and be too proud to beg when Mercury is roaming through the fixed bullish sign of Taurus.”
Mercury won’t be in Taurus for long — the speedy planet enters Gemini on May 21. So enjoy the good times while they last. “The good side is that we can expect lots of flirting and sexting, as lustful words will fill our hearts with romantic notions,” Stardust says. “This season, we can expect to get tender kisses from all the other planets in the sky, who will lend us cosmic insights in how we love ourselves and others.”
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