Salma Hayek Got A Breast Tattoo For The Hitman's Bodyguard Sequel

Fake tattoos have come a long way from the watercolor butterflies and hearts we knew as children. Nowadays, you can get just about anything temporarily tatted on your body. But the intricate ink seen in movies is on a whole other level. On-camera makeup artists are sharply skilled in making fake tattoos look fresh out of the shop, and it's these small details that truly bring fictional characters to life.
Case in point: Salma Hayek, who plays Sonia Kincaid in the upcoming film The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard, showed off her character's ink in a selfie on Instagram. "A little peek of #soniakincaid secret tattoo! El tatuaje secreto de Sonia Kincaid!" she wrote. The photo shows an illustration of a black raven placed on her left breast — and it looks so real.
That isn't the only ink Kincaid sports in the movies. In the first film, she has a rosary drawing on her right wrist and other pieces placed along both arms. And after some snooping, we discovered this raven tattoo actually matches the ink on her husband Darius Kincaid's (played by Samuel L. Jackson) head. So, we're thinking it's been there all along — especially since Hayek says it's "secret" — but maybe we finally get a peek at it in the sequel.
Or, the raven tattoo could be a clue to the The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard plot. Jackson, who has also been gearing up for the new film, told Essence in 2017 that the tattoos were his idea, and each one symbolizes the soul of his victim. Maybe this bird tattoo represents one of Sonia's victims? Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until the movie drops in 2020 to find out.

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