Kim Kardashian Wants To Set Up Kendall With A Kennedy

Photo: Michael Stewart/FilmMagic.
This subtle moment in Kim Kardashian's latest Vogue profile proves she's definitely Kris Jenner's daughter. The reality star, businesswoman, and future lawyer gave an in-depth interview about her pivot to law and activism in recent years, but she might have another profession up her sleeve: matchmaker.
During her photoshoot, a member of the Vogue crew apparently mentioned that Caroline Kennedy's son, 26-year-old Harvard law student John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg (or Jack Schlossberg, for short), has a crush on 23-year-old Kendall Jenner. According to writer Jonathan Van Meter, the idea of the couple made "Kim’s eyes twinkle at the prospect of colluding over some dynastic matchmaking."
If Kardashian wants to get more involved in politics, this is certainly one way to do it. Instead of the basketball players and musicians the Kardashian-Jenner family tends to go for, why not make some political alliances instead? Even Khloé Kardashian admitted it was time to shake up her romantic prospects.
"I do want to ask about this character that you had a baby with," Jimmy Kimmel asked the Good American founder last week. "Is it time to stop dating basketball players?"
"I do agree," Khloé replied. "I should probably listen to my MJ, my grandmother, I should probably start to date accountants or something like that."
But would Kendall and Jack make a good match? Let's take a look at Instagram. Here's one of the model's recent posts:
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sunday’s for the girls

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And here's one of Jack's:
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Are you wearing Axe Black? Rawr ;)

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Seriously, there are a ton of these. Jack absolutely loves outlining the different between two commonly confused things. But don't worry, he posts pictures of himself, too.
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Finally got man bun!

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With Jack around, Kim Kardashian could have a buddy to help her study affirmative duties and malfeasance, which is what she was reading up on during her profile. Although, let's be honest: If the Kardashians really do want to take over Washington D.C., they don't a Kennedy to do it.

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