We Are Getting So Much More Of The OA

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
The OA is one big riddle that few of us are likely to solve, but that doesn't mean we won't keep trying. Luckily, we have a few more seasons on the way to help us crack the code — and finally learn those dance moves. (Just kidding, I would literally never attempt the movements.)
According to the Cindy Holland, Netflix's Vice President of Original Programming, and series star Jason Isaacs, there are a total of five seasons mapped out to finish Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij's impressive storylines.
In a recent interview with TV Guide, Isaacs reconfirmed what Holland said after season 1 wrapped: Marling and Batmanglij an additional three seasons to go before the story is finished. So assuming that Netflix doesn't One Day At A Time the show, audiences can expect a season 3.
But the question of when has an unclear answer. It took a little over two years for us to get season 2 after season 1 mysteriously dropped on Netflix in winter of 2016. Based on the multiple locations (okay, they're literally different dimensions) and increasingly complex interwoven plot lines, one can anticipate a similar timeline for the rest of the seasons, which means season 3 would drop in mid-2021. Damn.
And it sounds like the rest of the seasons are even more interesting than the first two seasons "I know an awful lot about all of it," Isaacs told TV Guide. "We all do, because they're all incredibly collaborative. Just very open people to work with...There's nothing more annoying than someone who's in a show telling you this freely, because that doesn't make anyone watch it. That just makes people feel like it's important. But I am desperate to watch all five seasons [Brit and Zal have planned], so I'm hoping that people watch Part II because, just as a fan, I'd like to see them myself."
Me too.

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