We Know You Have The Same Question About The OA's Jason Isaacs — So Read This

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Congratulations on finishing The OA! Honestly, it's impressive. The second season of the mind-bending sci-fi thriller on Netflix is even more interesting, and confusing, than the first. While there are many characters worth dissecting and musing over, there's one question that only the Internet can answer: Who is Jason Isaacs married to in real life?
The question comes up during the final scene of season 2 (spoilers ahead), when Isaacs's character, Dr. Hunter Aloysius Percy, aka Hap, makes a jump to a third dimension with OA aka Original Angel aka Prairie aka Nina Azarova (Brit Marling). Immediately upon waking up in their new dimension, things are different. Not only does Hap have a new British accent, but in this world, he and Prairie are more than just "partners," as he so sinisterly calls his obsession with her multi-dimensional talents — he claims they are married. The two apparently are married actors on a movie set, a scene straight out of Scott Brown's (Will Brill) near-death experience. Since the two — along with Homer aka Dr. Homer Roberts (Emory Cohen) — are in the same "constellation," as the cryptic traveler Elodie, played by Iréne Jacob, tells Nina in episode 7, their paths are meant to cross infinitely.
So how close is fact to fiction in this episode? This is an especially pressing question since Hap says his name is "Jason Isaacs," which is the real-life name of his portrayer? Does this mean Isaacs and OA co-creator Marling, who plays OA-Nina-Prairie are an item in our dimension?
Well, first of all they are both indeed actors. Isaacs most known for his role as Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter franchise and Marling for her work on this series. And while I can't speak to the cross-dimensional travel through movements, I can tell you that Marling and Isaacs are not a couple in real life. He isn't single either, though, as one fan learned on Twitter after publicly admitting her crush on his villain bae character.
In this world, Isaacs is married to actress and producer Emma Hewitt and has been since 1988. The two, according to the red carpet photo at the top of this story, appear to get along much better than Prairie and her ally-turned-captor.
As for Marling, her personal life remains such. She is not publicly dating anyone at this time.
Although the two are just co-stars and colleagues, that hasn't stopped Isaacs from gushing over the genius of the series, co-created and co-written by Marling herself. "Something happened to me that night because when I finished, I was hysterical in the Freudian sense," he told friend Io Parker in a conversation for Interview after season one's premiere in 2017. "I was shaking and laughing and crying. I sent off this gushing email to Zal and Brit going, “It’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen” in capital letters with lots of exclamation marks. Later, I was slightly embarrassed at how huge my reaction had been, but I realized I meant it. I meant all of it. I don’t understand people who don’t think it’s the greatest thing they’ve ever seen."

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