All The Returning & New Faces In The OA Season 2 Cast (Yes, Homer Too)

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UPDATE: This story was originally published on March 20. It has since been updated.
The time has come to return to the twisted world of Netflix’s The OA. But because the first season premiered nearly three years ago, it’s about time for a refresher on the controversial story and The OA's cast of characters for season 2… assuming, of course, they’ll be who and how they seem when the show comes back.
Because everything in this sci-fi fantasy is up to interpretation, including the characters, their purpose, and motivations, it’s important to try and keep track as the story unfolds and theorizing continues. The first chapter introduced audiences to Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling), a young woman who was abducted while blind seven years prior and returns older, with her eyesight miraculously intact.
Prairie bonds with a group of high school boys, as she narrates her experience in ceremonious get togethers which the viewers see play out through the guys’ imaginations. The series eventually expands beyond Prairie, specifically diving into the concept of near death experiences, challenging concepts of science, spirituality, and philosophy. The OA's second season synopsis suggests Prairie “navigates a new dimension, one in which she had a completely different life as a Russian heiress, and one in which she once again finds herself as Hap’s captive.”
After a bonkers finale episode in its debut season, which included one potential, major twist, fans are still scratching their heads about what the first season ending, and the overall show, actually means. Here’s a review of familiar, and fresh, faces in Season 2 to help sort through the chaos.
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Kingsley Ben-Adir as Karim

Ben-Adir, a new addition to the series, will play private detective Karim Washington who’s on a mission to find a missing teen. On his quest, he’ll encounter Prairie, who will help him solve the mystery of missing teens connected to a house on Nob Hill in San Francisco.
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Brit Marling as OA/Prairie/Nina

Marling leads the cast as Prairie/The OA (Original Angel), also serving as the unreliable narrator. She was shot in the chest at the end of Season 1 and has viewers wondering if she made up her whole story after a finale twist. On a mission, she recruits a group of high school boys and their algebra teacher (BBA) and was abducted by Hap, who executed experiments on Prairie after her near death experience. In the final moments of season 1, she seems to wake up and call out to Homer — season 2 brings her into the body of Nina, the person she would have become if she survived the bus crash.
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Jason Isaacs as Hap/Dr. Hunter Percy

Isaacs stars as the evil doctor and experimental scientist “Hap.” He’s a man with a dark secret who relentlessly explores the unknown and experience of life after death, often at the cost of a moral compass. In season 2, he travels into the body of Dr. Hunter Percy, or himself in a different reality.
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Patrick Gibson as Steve

Gibson returns as Steve, a troubled high school student and bully who’s had physical altercations, unhealthy relationships, and dealt drugs. Ultimately, Steve finds an unlikely connection with his teacher (BBA) and The OA, who help him become a better man. In season 2, he becomes even more important OA's journey than anyone would have guessed.
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Emory Cohen as Homer/Dr. Roberts

Returning as college football player Homer, Cohen’s character had everyone talking after Season 1. After agreeing to participate in one of Hap’s experiments for money, a bizarre final scene shows French (Brandon Perea) morphing into Homer in the mirror. The event has led to many theories, like one dimension leading to another, but in season 2, we find Homer as a sort of doppelganger — Dr. Homer Roberts. Homer doesn't appear to have traveled... but perhaps it's more complicated than that.
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Zendaya as Fola

Making a surprise appearance in the show, Zendaya’s character is one of the first people Karim encounters while investigating the disappearance of a young girl. While she only appears a few times, she is central to Karim's mysterious storyline throughout the season.
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Phyllis Smith as BBA

Betty Broderick-Allen, known as her angel name BBA, is an algebra teacher and integral part of the series. In Season 2, BBA will continue on with the boys to try and understand OA’s story and the truth behind the experiences she described. Her importance will also escalate as the season continues.
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Alice Krige as Nancy

Krige plays Nancy, Prairie’s adoptive and overprotective mother. Nancy is often worried that her adopted daughter is becoming estranged and no longer needs her the way she once did. She will play a small part in season 2.
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Brendan Meyer as Jesse

Meyer plays Jesse, a stoner who’s friends with Steve and Buck and also listens in on The OA’s stories. Jesse lives with his sister since his mother died by suicide. In season 2, the character's story will get much darker.
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Brandon Perea as French

“French” is the all-star lacrosse athlete who plans to attend an Ivy League and study microbiology after graduating high school. He’s the oldest of three and has an alcoholic mother. Further, a fight with Steve leaves French with a forehead scar, and after he turned into Homer in the mirror in the finale scene, fans are still perplexed about his character.
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Ian Alexander as Buck/Michelle Vu

Alexander returns as Buck Vu, a transgender high school student and choir member who’s part of The OA’s storytelling ritual. This season, Alexander will be even more involved in the mystery. In season 2, Alexander also dons a wig and plays Buck's counterpart in a different reality, Michelle Vu.
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Riz Ahmed as Elias

Elias may be a sympathetic FBI Psychologist and trauma counselor, but his intentions are in question. Theories suggest he planted books under Prairie’s bed to throw off her real-world friends. We may find out the truth though, and Ahmed briefly returns for season 2.
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Will Brill as Scott

Will Brill’s character Scott Brown, also a captive, was homeless and kidnapped by Hap. He’s dying from an illness until Homer and Prairie/OA heal him and has an angelic gift that allows him to help plants grow. In season 2, he will appear in another dimension and that gift will continue to be a factor.
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Sharon Van Etten as Rachel

Returning as Rachel, Van Etten’s character is one of the captives that Prairie first meets in Hap's lab. Because of her unknown motivations, ahead of season 1 there were theories that she’s a spy, either on or for Hap, and in season 2, that becomes much clearer.
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Paz Vega as Renata

Renata is a captive and Cuban guitar player. After being seduced by Homer, Hap kidnapped her as well. She will also appear in season 2 in the new dimension.
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Vincent Kartheiser as Pierre Ruskin

The Mad Men vet steps into a sinister role towards the end of season 2. We'll let you watch as he explains his connection to the mystery himself in episode 7, but in case you're dying to know whose face is hiding behind the frosted glass when Nina first arrives at the hospital: It's Pete Campbell.

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