We Just Got A Big Update On Season 2 Of The OA

Photo: Courtesy of Myles Aronowitz/Netflix.
Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling's dreamy sci-fi series The OA first dropped on Netflix in December of 2016. Yet, nearly two years after the series left us with more questions than answers about Marling's "Original Angel" Prairie and her interdimensional powers, we are still waiting for a season 2 premiere date to be released.
Now fans have learned exactly what the status of The OA's anticipated "Part II" really is... and it means we may have a very long time to wait until it hits Netflix.
On Tuesday, Marling took to Instagram to share a photo from a long day of post-production.
"Long ass days in the edit on Part II of @the_oa," the actress wrote. "We've locked 2 chapters but still have a long way to go. This is me coming back to the edit bay yesterday for round 2 as the sun is going down. I wanted to get back to work. Zal wanted to take photos."
This isn't the only clue that The OA would take a while to complete. The series only wrapped filming season 2 in May, which means oodles of time in post-production before fans got a glimpse.
I understand Marling's desire to get a move on with The OA season 2, but at least she knows for certain what happens in the new season. I'm still over here wondering if Rachel (Sharon Van Etten), the kidnapping victim with perfect pitch, was secretly a mole, as so many OA theories are certain of. Also, did that dance actually open a portal to another dimension, or are fans over here learning the Five Moves for nothing?
If Marling can't release the new episodes, well — maybe she can put some secret codes with the answers in her Instagram posts. It would almost be as cryptic as the clues she's hiding within The OA itself.
"Things that we thought it would take the audience a long time to find, like to unravel the braille that's sort of in the background in the FBI agent's office," Marling said in a Facebook Live with Vulture, seemingly referring to how the name "Rachel" was found by fans in the background of a particular scene. "You know within 48 hours someone had posted and unraveled that braille and we thought that would be harder to find. I think that's an exciting part of telling a mystery now, is that there are a lot of super sleuths working together on the internet to figure it out."
Now the biggest mystery of all is: When, oh when, will we get more Prairie?

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