When Does Season 2 Of The OA Come Out?

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
While good things come to those who wait, we hope it won't be that much longer until the highly-anticipated second season of Netflix's The OA arrives on our screens. It's been a year and a half since the first season of the supernatural series debuted on the streaming platform, but while similarly-timed shows like Stranger Things continued at a steady clip, we're still waiting to hear the rest of Prairie's story.
The first season tells the story of the return of a young girl who went missing seven years prior. The last anyone saw of her, she was blind, but now she can see (in addition to some other creepy changes) and won't tell anyone how or why.
The season 1 finale did not do much to solve any of these mysteries, but judging by clues from the cast and crew, we might get some more answers later this year.
Back in December, star and creator Brit Marling announced that shooting of the second season would begin in January 2018. By May, a handful of the stars announced that filming had come to an end.
With all these facts in mind, Digital Spy predicts a late 2018/early 2019 return. December 2018 would make sense, since that's the same month the first season premiered two years ago, but that's as good of a guess as we can make. Until then, all we have is this teaser to tide us over:
And, of course, Tau, the Netflix sci-fi movie doing its best to fill the OA-shaped hole in our hearts.

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