The OA Plot In 40 Seconds

If you're like me, you ended 2016 with an enlightening binge: The OA. The original Netflix series, created by and starring Brit Marling, was the topic of much conversation and speculation following the release of even its first teaser trailer. Even Netflix is aware of the mystique around the series, which deals with an array of otherworldly topics, namely near-death experiences. The streaming service is confronting the confusion head-on with a new promotional video titled "WTF Is The OA?" which pokes fun at the mysterious premise of the show, using other popular series on the network like Stranger Things, Black Mirror, and Orange Is The New Black. Stranger Things teaches us that it's about "the galaxies, the universe, and what-not" and that it involves "an alternate dimension." The Crown teases the main challenge of the series, which is that the topic is quite hard to understand: "I'm not a scientist. I can't say I understand them." And Narcos simply offers an emotion I myself felt numerous times while watching: "Mmm."

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