Everything We've Learned About Cesar's Parents In On My Block So Far

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When On My Block is back for season 2 on March 29, fans will be expecting answers to questions they have been pondering since they finished season 1. At the top of the list: finding out whether Ruby and Olivia survived being shot by Latrelle, which happened in the shocking final moments of the last episode. But, there is one mystery that emerged in the pilot episode and still hasn't been answered: where are Cesar’s parents?
Although On My Block follows the friendship between Cesar, Monse, Jamal, Ruby, and Olivia, most of their parents appear in the episodes or they are at least referenced by the other characters. This is true for all the teenagers except Cesar, of course. Cesar explains to his friends early on in the season that he has to join a gang called The Santos because the men in his family were also members. That is the only time Cesar (kind of) speaks about his father. He doesn’t acknowledge his mother until the “Chapter 8” episode.
The only family Cesar has in his life is his older brother Oscar, who is also called Spooky by his fellow gang members. Oscar, who is a Santo, spent four years in prison. When he is released, Cesar is initiated into the gang. Oscar is viewed by Cesar’s friends as dangerous, but we learn more about him in episode 8 when he and Cesar finally mention their mother.
In “Chapter 8,” Oscar explains to Cesar that he had the opportunity to go to a magnet school when he was in high school because he was so smart. Oscar decided not to attend the school because he couldn’t leave Cesar alone. Cesar responds by saying their mom was in their lives when this happened. Oscar answers, “Mom wasn’t always around. And, when she was around, she wasn’t really around.” Cesar tells Oscar that he wasn’t aware his mother of their mother’s behavior. Oscar replies, “Good, then I did my job.”
This scene was a standout moment because it shows that, although misguided, Oscar’s actions toward Cesar come from a place of love and his desire to protect his little brother. This moment proves that Oscar has always been a substitute parental figure for Cesar. It’s possible that Oscar had Cesar join The Santos because that was the only way he could constantly keep and eye on him and ensure the rival gang, the Prophets, did not try to hurt Cesar.
On the other hand, the “Chapter 8” scene also suggests that Oscar and Cesar are the only two people living in their house. So, who was Cesar living with the entire time Oscar was in prison? Where are Oscar and Cesar’s mom and dad now? Season 2 does provide more of a backstory for Oscar and Cesar's relationship, but their parents don't make an appearance, so it may be a long while before we understand what happened.

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