Peeps Coffee Exists Thanks To This Dunkin' Collab Just In Time For Spring

Photo: Courtesy of Dunkin Donuts.
It’s amazing what a few warm rays of sun will do to a donut menu. Now that spring is officially here, Dunkin’ (formerly Dunkin' Donuts) released a few seasonally-appropriate items that pile on the sugar, with help from Peeps.
Peeps are to spring what candied apples are to fall and ice cream cones are to summer. So when the flowers blossom, the Peeps collaborations bloom. Once April hits, you’ll be able to find these donuts at your local Dunkin’ –a sugary Peep chick sits on a nest of sprinkles and frosting coating a classic yeast donut.
If Peep-flavored sugar rushes haven’t been your thing since middle school then you can get your Peep fix with any number of Peep Marshmallow-flavored iced coffee and espresso drinks that are also now on offer. If an early morning Peeps-themed breakfast sounds like your absolute thing then consider this donut-coffee combo a match made in sugary heaven.
Four "Peepmobiles" are set to drive from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (birthplace of Peeps) and stop along six Dunkin’ Donut stores, handing out free goodies until it reaches Quincy, Massachusetts, the birthplace of DD’s. This is a tame celebration for Dunkin' Donuts, considering it once changed its name to Dove and Dunkin' in anticipation of a rather enlightened dry shampoo giveaway.

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