What The Super Worm Equinox Moon Means For You

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If you look at the sky tonight, you might notice that the moon looks brighter and closer than usual. That’s because tonight’s moon is the Super Worm Equinox Moon. Breaking that down, it means that the moon is a full moon, a Worm Moon, and a super moon — and it’s also happening on the vernal equinox.
First, let’s look at what those different terms mean. You’re probably already familiar with the full moon, when we can see the full face of the moon from Earth — this happens roughly once a month. A full moon that happens in March is known as a Worm Moon. In the Old Farmer's Almanac, each month’s full moon has a different name (next up is the Pink Moon in April, then the Flower Moon in May). Space.com notes that these names originated with Algonquins living in the northern and eastern United States.
Tonight’s moon is also considered a super moon. This means that it’s a full moon that coincides with the moon’s perigee, the point in its orbit when it’s closest to Earth. Super moons appear slightly brighter and closer than regular full moons, and they happen more rarely — tonight’s moon is the third super moon of 2019, but it’s also the last one of 2019. Finally, this full moon is happening on the vernal equinox, the first day of spring and the point at which day and night are of equal length.
All this is to say that tonight’s moon is rare, and it also has a lot of astrological meaning. “Wednesday’s Super Worm Equinox Moon does feel especially powerful, and there are a few reasons for this,” says Gabriela Herstik, author of Inner Witch: A Modern Guide To The Ancient Craft. She explains that, along with there being a super moon, the equinox means that “this is also the Astrological New Year, when we move from Pisces season to Aries season. This is a time of rebirth, when we come back to the earth from our six month stay in the underworld à la Persephone.”
She adds, “This full moon is also in Venus-ruled Libra, which feels very romantic and loving, and adds an energy of romance and sensuality to the passionate and blooming energy of the equinox. And since this is a super moon, we may be feeling everything more intensely; Mercury is also still retrograde, so there’s a lot going on."
For some, tonight's moon is an occasion to celebrate. T.C. Stewart, founder of The Witch Of Lupine Hollow, says that it’s “a powerful day for a variety of reasons — the full moon is all about celebration and culmination, honoring our growth over the past month.” Plus, “because it's a super moon, the energies of the full moon are somewhat heightened and stronger." She adds, “the Spring Equinox is a celebration of the return of abundance and fertility to the earth. Both of these simultaneous events have to do with growth, fertility and joy.” And the full moon in Libra, she says, “makes this a day for deeply powerful and joyous connections."
All this is to say that, along with looking pretty, this moon means good things. Stewart says, "Whether you celebrate by spending time in nature, time with loved ones, or by simply taking a moment to look up and admire the beautiful (and super) full moon, this is a day for focusing on the joy and bounty in your life, in whatever form it takes.”

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