How To Get A Free Cone At Dairy Queen Today

The days are slowly getting warmer and sunnier and we can’t help but celebrate the fact that winter is giving way to spring and summer’s just around the corner.
To help picture ourselves sunbathing on the beach or walking down a boardwalk in a wide brimmed hat, ice cream brands nationwide –from Ben & Jerry’s to Häagen Dazs – are welcoming the warmer days of sandal season with free ice cream!
It all kicks off on March 20th with Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen, where anyone can enjoy a free small vanilla soft-serve with that signature curl. According to a super-scientific and über-methodical "study" from Dairy Queen, people are apparently happier on Free Cone Day than they are on their own birthdays. And *pushes glasses* 61.6 percent of surveyors said they’d share a bite of their cone with their significant other, but only 23 percent would share the first bite.
The fun continues through the end of the month, with DQ offering small regular or dipped soft-serve cones for only 50 cents if you download their app.
So yes, add sun-dress shopping and summer-read hunting to your end-of-winter to-do list, but also be sure to keep your eye out for all the sweet Free Cone day deals to come.

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