How To Get Free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Today

Photo: Getty Images.
Yes, we just celebrated Free Cone Day less than a month ago, but every free ice cream cone is special and worthy of its own holiday. While a free cone from Dairy Queen marks the beginning of spring, the Ben & Jerry’s version simply celebrates us for being loyal customers for yet another year.
This is the 40th annual Free Cone Day Ben & Jerry’s – that means for every year they've been in business, fans have been gifted free ice cream. Our elders can judge our love of freebies all they want, but they've been capitalizing on gratis B&J's since 1979. So today, we will shamelessly collect our participation trophy and we pat ourselves on the back for stimulating the ice-cream economy every other day of the year.
Today, every Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop will be serving up free cones of all your favorite ice cream flavors. Free Phish Food. Free Cherry Garcia. Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Free Americone. Free Strawberry Cheesecake. Free Half-Baked. If you can get in line, you can get a free cone. Honestly, you should take a break from work today because this only happens once a year and there’s too much free ice cream to be had.
If you live near any of the Showcase Cinemas in Massachusetts or New York, their Ben & Jerry’s ice cream counters will be serving up free cones from 12p.m. to 8p.m. Movie tickets are sold for $8.50 on Tuesdays.

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